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tiram22 tiram22 said (1 month ago):
Thanks for your response Write me here Reply me
WDWParksGal WDWParksGal said (8 months ago):
I found the prologue about the young Egwene online
insectoid insectoid said (1 year ago):
Heh, yeah, HP Minis are pretty slow. We have one that uses XP and a solid-state disk, but is sluggish anyway. Nevertheless, it is the computer my dad and I use for our Fourth of July photo shooting and printing.
JeffS. JeffS. said (1 year ago):
Dude, I'll still ahven't had a chance to meet up with Wetlander. Work and real life have been insane ever since I got back. Still trying though.
moondivatx moondivatx said (2 years ago):
So great to meet you..really enjoying all your pics. See ya next year!! We need costumes! Deb
JeffS. JeffS. said (2 years ago):
I'll be flying in on Thursday,and will be at the Doubletree early on Friday to get acclaimated. I'' call you for a meet up Friday morning then. I hope we can pick up more than one each. perfect for Wetlander and my friend from work also.