Liz Gorinsky
New York, NY
About Me
I'm an editor at Tor Books and acquire short fiction for I probably spend a bit too much time thinking about the robot uprising. More at
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Ding0 Ding0 said (5 years ago):
My dearest Madame Gorinsky, It was with great regret that I was not able to post a pictogram in the contest. I do so hope that you will have future contests of the same nature. I am dusting off the Pictographer to that end.
ssakamoto ssakamoto said (6 years ago):
Hi Liz, Since you posted about SF theater in New York, and you're thinking about the Robot Uprising, I wanted to tell you that a series of short SF plays about robots is going up in NYC in October. It's called, "Robot Uprising" and I wrote one of the plays called, "Real Love" Here's a link: