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In addition to writing about comics for Tor.com, Tim writes the weekly “When Words Collide" column at Comic Book Resources and is the author of Grant Morrison: The Early Years and the editor of Teenagers from the Future. He sometimes blogs at geniusboyfiremelon.blogspot.com, although these days he tends to post his fleeting but surely incisive comic book thoughts as TimCallahan on Twitter.
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BTH BTH said (1 year ago):
I've been making my way through Appendix N and I'm using your reviews to help pick which I should tackle next. I really appreciate them! Didn't know if you'd run into this, but over on ENWorld.org, Gygax was asked in 2007 if there was anything else he would have added to the list, and he had two. http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?193204-Gary-Gygax-Q-amp-A-Part-XIII/page2