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Cambridge, UK
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Hermilie smith
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The Way of Kings Reread: Chapter 49 34 replies | 8994 views
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moondivatx moondivatx said (1 year ago):
Thanks for the heads up on the AMoL Cp 3 posting on FB! Wow..only 10 more days. Is the book released the same date in the UK? Deb
subwoofer subwoofer said (2 years ago):
Hehe, thank you for that pic:) Yes, that is the reason for my handle. I had a little dog that would sit with me as I blogged and we'd call her our little woofer as she was not a full sized woofer. The name kinda stuck. Thanks again:D
El Fitcho El Fitcho said (2 years ago):
Heh, yeah, the recent hardbacks in particular are pretty hefty aren't they! I'm the other side of Cambridge, in Chatteris, though I was born and went to school in Cambridge. Out of work at the minute (victim of public sector cuts) which isn't too bad really as it gives me plenty of family time. Often wondered how many other WoT superfans there are round here. It's gonna seem crazy once it's all over, eh! Though I wonder how many theories will remain unresolved; they have to leave us with something to talk about!