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ELeatherwood ELeatherwood said (4 years ago):
Picked up The Story of the Amulet after reading your comment on SF and the Classical Past, and it is an amazing book!
TexAnne TexAnne said (6 years ago):
Yep, it's me! Sorry, I didn't mean to ignore you. I just forgot about the shoutbox thingy....
supertailz supertailz said (6 years ago):
Oh hai, I know this is kind of random, but are you the TexAnne from Shadowunit fandom? (And actually kind of canon?) If so, hi! If not...sorry!
TexAnne TexAnne said (6 years ago):
Hey, I barely remember to read my own.
Skwid Skwid said (6 years ago):
Well, at least no one is reading my Shoutbox. Thanks for the reassurance!
TexAnne TexAnne said (6 years ago):
Hee. So glad you don't mind I'm stalking you.
Susan Susan said (6 years ago):
Right, guess so, and logging on would be useful, eh? Connection message in email, reminiscent of Angel season one episode, very startling to a virgin connector like myself. I'm glad my first time was with you. :)
Guest said (6 years ago):
Is this a way to talk to you? This site seems to be a little short on instructions.
TexAnne TexAnne said (6 years ago):
Is this thing working yet?
joann joann said (6 years ago):
Hey TexAnne!