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WDWParksGal WDWParksGal said (8 months ago):
Many thanks for the kind welcome to the WOT ReRead Redux! Am excited to be part of the WOT community. Am not sure how I missed the books until the 14th novel came out, but at least I am caught up now!
Alisonwonderland Alisonwonderland said (1 year ago):
Tek, I am wondering if you were ever able to view the chart I posted showing the connections between Heralds, Surges, and Surgebinders. If you have not, and you still want it, I can send it as an attachment to whatever email addy you care to designate.
micheal micheal said (1 year ago):
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BillinHI BillinHI said (2 years ago):
I'll be there probably along with my wife, altho she is not a re-reader. I also will have a car and be available for ferry duty.
JeffS. JeffS. said (2 years ago):
Hi Tek, I will be attending and offer myself and rental car for ferrying duty. I'm pretty stoked to meet all of you.
wcarter wcarter said (2 years ago):
As long as it's reasonably priced (i.e. I can eat for less than $20), you can count me in for the reread dinner.
forkroot forkroot said (2 years ago):
Hey Tek - RFife? What happens if he fires up the Karaoke machine and all it plays is Rick Astley ?? I guess I'll have to trust him. Thanks for the tip. It will be very fun to meet you. The ReRead dinner sounds fantastic.
CrazyCuban CrazyCuban said (2 years ago):
Hi, Tek. I'm a WOT fan since 1995. Live in Tampa, FL. Love your comments.
Man-0-Manetheran Man-0-Manetheran said (2 years ago):
Thanks for the suggestion, but I can't find a link for Jason anywhere. There's no member search here, and I don't find anything at Dragonmount either. Gad! P.S. How was Charlie's graduation?
forkroot forkroot said (2 years ago):
Oh you so in trouble! In Phoenix for a long weekend and had better things to do than do lunch with Mr and Mrs forkroot? For shame :-)