Bruce Cohen
Portland, OR
About Me
I know where the bodies are buried. I've been reading science fiction and fantasy since the age of 7 (you do the math; it's too depressing for me). I've been a software engineer for almost as long, seems like. And there are whole lot of other things I'm interested in, many of them in a spectrum from hard science to spirituality. Let it also be known that I believe that organized religion is for organizations, one of which I am not; that I believe in spirituality (NOT spiritualism), but not really in God or ghod or ghu or whatever. I was raised as a red-diaper kid; these days I'm somewhat left of everyone else, and a strong believer in social justice, an end to the class war in which the rich lose, and a pony in every pot. I've been known to commit poetry and fiction (and, even, dare I say it, fanfic).
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