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korlat korlat said (3 years ago):
Finally caught up with the Reread!
Robin55077 Robin55077 said (4 years ago):
Maggie, The "55077" in my screen name is actually my zip code when I lived in Inver Grove Heights. LOL That's where I lived when I first set up my yahoo account so rather than having "Robin6306835" as my screen name, I used my zip code so it was easy for me to remember. LOL Now, I pretty much use "Robin55077" for everything. Keeps it simple now that I'm getting closer to 50 and can't remember things as well as I could at 20. :-)
SneakyVerin SneakyVerin said (4 years ago):
neither have I Robin-I LOVE this reread...I look forward to it all week! I know Inver Grove Heights well, I used to live in Stillwater, then Minneapolis before I moved up north
Robin55077 Robin55077 said (4 years ago):
Yes, I used to live in Inver Grove Heights, (just south of St. Paul). I was actually only about 3 or 4 miles from Mall of America. I only live there a couple of years but I liked it there. The company I worked for transferred me there when they closed their Seattle office. After a couple of years in MN, they transferred me to Arizona. I hated AZ, (lasted only a year there) and decided to move back home to West Virginia. I too have been unable to get anyone to read Erikson. I just happend to hop onto Tor's website last summer the week before the re-read started and saw a post that it was going to begin the following week. I was so excited I couldn't stand it. I haven't missed a post yet! LOL
korlat korlat said (4 years ago):
hey sister-
Robin55077 Robin55077 said (4 years ago):
Maggie, I see that you are in MN. Did you realize there are numerous posters on here from MN? If I still lived up there we could form a live "Malazan Book Club" and get togehter in person to discuss it over coffee. Wow! Wouldn't that be something!
Robin55077 Robin55077 said (4 years ago):
Maggie, Thank you. I am very glad that you do not think I am an ogre! You are correct in that I thought your NOOOOOOo was about Felisin. However, once I found out you meant my reference to Hetan I felt absolutely horrible. I posted an apology to you on the main page but was glad to see that you "ShoutBoxed" me so I could apologize to you directly. I could kick myslef for not thinking about people like you (whom I now think of as "tweenies" since you are further along than the re-read but not yet through everything). If I were flexible enough, I would kick my own a**. LOL Unfortunately, I'm not that flexible.