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Petty Officer 2, Colonial Navy. Former Vestal Virgin Novice. Pacifist working as a Nurse on the Last Battlestar(as far as we know) Pacifica, BSG-47 defending the fleet and the humanoid cylons of Terra from John Cavil. The Last of the Virgo Vestales. The Lonely Girl from B. C. .
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SkylarkThibedeau SkylarkThibedeau said (11 months ago):
Valar Scribere. All men must Write. Valar Legere. All men must Read.
SkylarkThibedeau SkylarkThibedeau said (1 year ago):
Battlestar Aurora BSG 74 RPG about to Launch.
SkylarkThibedeau SkylarkThibedeau said (2 years ago):
Battlestar Resurrection begins in Second Life December 1, 2012.
SkylarkThibedeau SkylarkThibedeau said (2 years ago):
Carolinas Con is this weekend at the Charlotte Hilton University. June 1-3
SkylarkThibedeau SkylarkThibedeau said (3 years ago):
Remember any Plan where you lose your Hat; is a Bad Plan.