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WOT...I bought the first 2 audio books of The Wheel of Time in 2007, but never listened to them until Summer '09. Continued on with the rest of the books including The Gathering Storm. Repeated more than once. Now what? Join Leigh Butler's reread to see what all I missed! Enjoying the many theories and thoughts. About me...I grew up & went to school in Oregon, lived in California, Central Oregon, Kauai, Hawaii and now near Helena, Montana. I am married with 2 sons, 23 & 24. I have always enjoyed Science Fiction & Fantasy, of all kinds. Avatar pic: Gypsy was a great little horse we had when I was young. She was a POA (small appaloosa), about 12 hands high. She had a lot of personality for a little gal!
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Fiddler Fiddler said (4 years ago):
You: "Who would spank whom? I could see it going either way :-)" Mat would be the Spanker, of couse. ;)
Tektonica Tektonica said (5 years ago):
Your lucky to have a sci/fi buddy. Charlie likes Kurt Vonnegut and loved Harry Potter and LOTR's which we read together, and even liked Dune, but he reads so much for school now and is not a fast reader. I'm afraid reading for pleasure will have to wait until he's older. Darn.
Tektonica Tektonica said (5 years ago):
Thanks for sharing that! Where is your son? My son, Charlie, is such a good and idealistic kid. I hope he can hold on to some of that while navigating the Real World. They do have to grow up. Sigh. I miss him so. He's at the U of Denver and is home for 5 days. Yippee! I'm glad you joined us here. Good comments! Hope you stick with it, now that it's slowed to a snails pace. Thanks for the shout.
pike747 pike747 said (5 years ago):
Hi ms Bela. I put up some pictures for you. Not sure if you missed them or didn't care but thought I would point them out. They are in my post at 562 on the TGS general discussion thread 3