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Mieneke Mieneke said (2 years ago):
Hi Chris, Here are the promised page numbers! The Bonehunters Bantam mmpb Isbn: 9780553813159 Prologue  23 Book One The Thousand-Fingered God 43 Chapter One 45 Chapter Two 82 Chapter Three 127 Chapter Four 178 Chapter Five 221 Chapter Six 270 Book Two Beneath This Name  325 Chapter Seven 327 Chapter Eight 451 Chapter Nine 482 Chapter Ten 513 Chapter Eleven 546 Book Three Shadows of the King 583 Chapter Twelve 585 Chapter Thirteen 620 Chapter Fourteen 672 Chapter Fifteen 721 Chapter Sixteen 771 Book Four The Bonehunters 819 Chapter Seventeen 821 Chapter Eighteen 870 Chapter Nineteen 907 Chapter Twenty 939 Chapter Twenty-one 981 Chapter Twenty-two 1011 Chapter Twenty-three 1080 Chapter Twenty-four 1170 Epilogue 1195
Fiddler Fiddler said (4 years ago):
"And hey, is that the same Cuttle we get to know in later books?" Yes. IIRC he went off as one of the injured on the Silanda, and then joined the 14th.
Taitastigon Taitastigon said (4 years ago):
- There are so many parallels between The Black Company and TMBotF it's not even funny. I mean, take Old Father Tree: a powerful alien entity pulled into the BC universe. The Crippled God, anybody? :) - Dude, an absolutely categorical *aye* from my side. SE literally pilfered BC for all it was worth. But at least he (1) gave Cook full credit as inspiration and (2) he bettered the pilfered material to the max. That´s worth a lot in MY book. Tough to come up with original material in this modern age, but if you rip off - darn - please improve on the material !! And THAT SE did easily enough...!
Fiddler Fiddler said (4 years ago):
Sorry for the late reply, buddy. Been kind of busy in RL lately. Yes, I have the large paperback.
Tektonica Tektonica said (4 years ago):
Thanks Chris! I do appreciate knowing what's good, because there's so much average and bad out there! However, I think Malazan will occupy me for quite awhile to come between the complexity and the reread.
Tektonica Tektonica said (4 years ago):
You are welcome! See on you the thread....
kramerdude kramerdude said (4 years ago):
Bantam Hardcover - 2nd Edition. Page #'s: Prologue - Pg 1, Chapter 1 - Pg 13, Chapter 2 - Pg 47, Chapter 3 - Pg 77, Chapter 5 (actually same problem as Robin lists) - Pg 145, Chapter 5 - Pg 197, Chapter 6 - 264, Epilogue - 277, Glossary - Pg 283-284.
Robin55077 Robin55077 said (4 years ago):
Hello there! I have the Tor Trade Paperback 1st U.S.Addition. Pages are as follows: Pg. 1 Prologue Pg. 13 Chapter 1 Pg. 47 Chapter 2 Pg. 77 Chapter 3 Pg. 145 Chapter 4 (listed as 5) Pg. 197 Chapter 5 Pg. 263 Chapter 6 Pg. 277 Epilogue
Tektonica Tektonica said (4 years ago):
Hi Salt-Man. i have the Tor MMPB edition. If you want those pages, here they are: Prologue: pp1-10 Chapters: One-11-47 Two: 48-79 Three: 80-151 Four: 152-205 Five: 206-276 Six: 277-291 Epilogue: 292-298
Fiddler Fiddler said (4 years ago):
Hey there, I have a Bantam edition, but probably not MMPB. The last printed page is numbered 284...