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Five Books with Fantastic Horses 72 replies | 6523 views
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micheal micheal said (1 year ago):
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forkroot forkroot said (1 year ago):
Rob - I was not staying current with the reread, so it wasn't until I was catching up that I learned of your father's untimely passing. I just want to let you know that I am truly sorry for your loss. I hope you can take comfort in knowing that he did not linger and over time give thanks to God to the great man you had the privilege to call "Dad". - Roger
Braid_Tug Braid_Tug said (2 years ago):
Re: Dec. 3, what's up with today? I've followed your comments twice today at "47" to your "46." I just found that funny.
Braid_Tug Braid_Tug said (2 years ago):
LOL... Thanks for the water closet remark. How much time have you spent in the UK?
Freelancer Freelancer said (2 years ago):
Ok, you have the better of me. What was a goof?
Freelancer Freelancer said (2 years ago):
Rob, the MisunderstoodMe tag is a throwaway alias for someone having a bit of fun. As a fan of misdirection myself, your comment at 555 seems a bit suspicious. While I originally figured it for Zexxes, certain aspects about it gave me doubts, and then I found myself looking again at your edited entry. If so, as I commented in-thread, smoothly played.
KJacobs KJacobs said (3 years ago):
Hi Rob! Thanks for the wave on the John Carter thread! I SO miss checking in with everyone on Leigh's re-read. I get to catch snippets here & there, but haven't been able to keep up with the comments enough to really contribute on any meaningful basis. Life with elderly parents makes for far less fun Tor-time than I'd like. Hope all is well with you! Maybe when the signing tour comes around for AMoL I'll finally get to meet you :)
thewindrose thewindrose said (3 years ago):
Hi Rob - I have read all the aSoIaF main line books, and one Egg and Dunk(the one in Legends). Just wondering about the Queen of Thorns - was she married to a Targ to get the Queen part or is it just a play on the Tyrell rose? tks Tess
forkroot forkroot said (3 years ago):
Bruins rule!! Hey Rob - Hope you are well and the kids (and wife) are flourishing.
RobMRobM RobMRobM said (3 years ago):
Great. Glad you enjoyed them.