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I am zer_netmouse on twitter and Netmouse on livejournal, and you can find out more about me than you probably want to know on if you dig deeply enough. I've been known to read my poetry in public, but frankly it's been a while. However, I regularly enjoy improvising alternative lyrics to songs for the entertainment of my husband and my daughter Rosie, who was born in 2010.
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Netmouse Netmouse said (3 years ago):
In 2010 my husband Brian and I were the TransAtlantic Fan Fund delegates to Eastercon in the U.K. Requirements of being TAFF selegates are threefold: 1) take the trip; 2) write a trip report; 3) administer the fund for 2 years. Our trip report is not done but our reign as administrators is coming to a close. We are about to pass OTHER people's trip reports on to the next administrator, and encourage fans who would like a copy to get them from us before we send them through the Post to Jacq Monahan. Details on what's available at Deadline to reserve TAFF publications from ME: Feb 2nd. after that you have to write to Jacq.
Netmouse Netmouse said (6 years ago):