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Moshe Feder has been an SF/Fantasy reader since he was a kid in the late 50s, an active fan since 1970 when he saw John W. Campbell, Jr. in the flesh at a Lunacon, and a pro since 1972 when he started working part time as Assistant Editor for Amazing and Fantastic. Later he was a reviewer for Publishers Weekly and SF Chronicle, Assistant Editor of the SF Book Club, Editor of the Military Book Club, and a regular reviewer for Asimov’s. He has been a judge for the World Fantasy Awards and a member of the Sidewise Awards jury. His first, and so far only, short story appeared in Orbit 16 in 1975. He’s currently a Consulting Editor for Tor Books, where he's proud to edit the work of Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Gary K. Wolfe & Archbishop John J. Myers, Juliet McKenna, David Gerrold, and Robert Silverberg.
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