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Caveatar Caveatar said (3 years ago):
Sorry. Forgot to remove the check me on this line. It was about the biblical account mentioning mary magdalene, and so forth. I should have removed it, missed it Sorry Paul Caveatar
snowsnow snowsnow said (3 years ago):
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golfcallaway golfcallaway said (3 years ago):
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TeresaJusino TeresaJusino said (3 years ago):
Hello! This is the first time I'm checking my shoutbox in, like, EVER. So forgive the lateness of my reply! I never really use this thing, but I suppose I should, shouldn't I? In case you're wondering what I'm referring to, I received this question from you about 8 months ago: "I have a question. Just what kind of feminist are you? Are you the man hating kind. Or are you, what a friend of mind calls, an adult? By that I mean do you see everyone as equal and become just as outraged when women have to put men down to prop themselves up? I ask these questions because I am becoming disillusioned with the feminist movement. And I want to know if you are worthy of being followed." To answer your question, I am a feminist. A feminist is someone who believes that women should be considered equal to men, and have the same social/economic freedom and ability to choose/design their lives that men do. There are different ways that people feel we can go about achieving that goal, but that goal is what feminism is about. I say this, because you say you're "disillusioned by the feminist movement," which concerns me. If you believe that women and men should be equal, the people you disagree with shouldn't deter you from feminism. What's the alternative? "I don't like the movement, so I'm not going to support it or do anything about this HUGE problem I see in the world?" Is that the plan? Secondly, I don't hate men. Most feminists don't, as sexism defeats the purpose of feminism. (and PS: there are male feminists. I know it's shocking, but believe it or not feminism isn't just for women. Crazy, right?) Feminists might be ANGRY at men, sure. And you know what? We have a right to be. Men don't get to have treated women as second class citizens for centuries, but then totally skip over the part where we're extremely pissed off about it and not have to deal with the consequences of their actions. This makes many men uncomfortable, and I don't care. This doesn't mean I hate men, but it does mean that I'm not interested in just letting that history of abuse, misogyny, and inequality slide just because men might "feel bad." You mention women having to "put men down to prop themselves up," and I'm wondering what you think an example of this is? Because so often, it seems that men can't handle when someone calls them out for making stupid mistakes, or being out and out wrong, or making an incorrect decision - and if it's a WOMAN who has the nerve to call him out, then she's "badgering him" or "nagging" or "putting him down." When, if he'd call a woman out on a mistake or flaw in the same way, he'd think he was being totally reasonable, and think she's getting "emotional" for getting upset about it. So, I'm curious what you were thinking of when you said that? Lastly, it amuses me that men get up in arms about inequality in the few instances where they think themselves being made a fool of. And that's all it is, because when a man is being treated as a sex object on television/in film/etc, it's silly. The thing men don't understand is 1) it happens WAY more often to women, and 2) when it happens to women, it isn't funny, it's threatening. Men use sex as a tool of power in a way that's coercive and threatening. Example, when a woman is "using sex" to get something from a man, yes there's a power there, but the man is still considered a person, and she is manipulating his desire for sex by GIVING him what he wants in order to get a desired result. When a man uses sex to get what he wants, he TAKES, which makes it more threatening. Men TAKE sexy images of women and put them all over the media. Men TAKE sex from women and rape them. Men TAKE a woman's desires out of the equation. All that taking turns women into objects, which creates the unequal atmosphere that feminists work so hard to destroy. So no, I don't hate men. But I'm also unafraid of calling them on their crap, and I refuse to allow them to continue TAKING from me and my sisters. That's not hatred, but it IS anger.
CireNaes CireNaes said (3 years ago):
Thanks MaT. I'm glad you found the post helpful. If you want to form an opinion on what should be one of the more minor points in Christian theological circles then get the "Why I'm Not A Calvinist"/"Why I'm Not An Arminian" books. Fun stuff.
Tektonica Tektonica said (3 years ago):
Just got your message....2 days there's no way to tell if you have a shout! Dang this new format! I miss you guys too. Ah, the good old days. Just crazy at my house real schedule and workmen everywhere. I'll try to find my way to chatzy soon and see if anyone's there. Thanks for the shout!
Wetlandernw Wetlandernw said (3 years ago):
Well.... I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about the Shaido Wise Ones after being taken by the Seanchan, but I would assume they'd start with the same general tactics they used on Egwene. I think it would take a long time, given the general mental toughness of most Aiel, the attitude toward pain, and the fact that they don't seem to rely on channeling as much for their identity as most AS do. I'll have to ponder it a bit more; my instinct is to say that the a'dam could eventually break even the toughest nut, but I can't actually imagine how they could do it. The more I think of it, the more it becomes a rather hilarious mental image: a bunch of arrogant sul'dam stuck with a bunch of women who are completely unlike anything they've ever encountered before... A really smart sul'dam could do it, but I'd bet some of the sul'dam would break before the damane-to-be would. Will consider it further - I might even come up with a fanfic for the day the reread actually gets to the battle. :)
Tektonica Tektonica said (4 years ago):
Hi MAT! Thanks for the shout. Hope your 4 year old had a grand old time! They are so cute at that age. I'm actually in Colorado visiting MY son! It's Mother's weekend at DU. Fun times. Not missing much on the reread...can't wait for KoD to start...then the going gets good. Hope all is well.
Lannis Lannis said (4 years ago):
Hi MAT! Thanks for the shout out! It was a nice surprise this morning. Hope things are good on your end! Also: Port Huron? I'm about an hour north of Toronto--I might be able to hit you with a snowball! Haha! Cheers! :D
jamesedjones jamesedjones said (4 years ago):
Hope you're making your trip in early March. Late March can get more muggy than Michigan. Hope to get the chance to visit with you when you're here. Oh, and for the FB thing, if you find my profile you'll notice a friend named "Subj Woofer" and another named "Freelancer Tor Fan". So you wouldn't be the only one who got sucked in from :D