Ron Garrison
Denver, CO
About Me
Born in a little midwestern town smaller than Emond's Field, and like Min, just had to get out!
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moondivatx moondivatx said (1 year ago):
Just FYI..I flew SW round trip from OKC to ALT for $250.10. Thank you for the tip!! So great to meet you! xoxo Deb
BillinHI BillinHI said (1 year ago):
Ron: Thanks for the heads-up. Got my order in this morning. I do have an account on FB but don't really use it much. Should probably delete it.
Freelancer Freelancer said (1 year ago):
Thanks, Ron. I actually peek at FB fairly regularly, just don't spout much. I definitely want to order some of the "bunker-designed" stuff in spite of being unable to get to Atlanta.
JeffS. JeffS. said (1 year ago):
Man-o- Thanks for the heads up on the shirts. I'm on it like crazy on Hinderstap...
insectoid insectoid said (1 year ago):
Thanks for the message; I'll check it out soon. BTW, the shoutbox likes contractions *some* of the time. Doesn't like extended ASCII or Unicode though (see my shout below).
rossnewberry rossnewberry said (1 year ago):
Thanks for the notice, Ron. I don't book faces, so I'd have missed it.
insectoid insectoid said (1 year ago):
Well, that doesn't look like an em dash at all... *grumbles*
insectoid insectoid said (1 year ago):
JanDSedai JanDSedai said (1 year ago):
LOL! I mentioned train because of the song Last Train to Clarksville! The train station is no really used, but looks old-timey enough to be used in several vidios and movies.
travyl travyl said (1 year ago):
Man-O, I'm on Tektonica's list and yes I am coming to J-Con (crossing an ocean!) and looking forward to see you all.