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Terez27 Terez27 said (1 year ago):
Hey, just wanted to let you know we finished the transcript and it's in the database now. http://www.theoryland.com/intvmain.php?i=836
Terez27 Terez27 said (2 years ago):
I would love for you to email it to me. terez27 AT gmail DOT com :) I believe you...but having some experience at transcribing and looking over others' transcriptions, I tend to get picky about it. Sometimes it's just a matter of punctuation.
lostinshadow lostinshadow said (2 years ago):
thanks for puting the PR into context, especially with a reference to GRRM - I can't stand that series...I don't get what the big deal is, the guy is a mediocre writer at best...A lot people I respect kept telling me to read them so I forced (literally forced) myself through the first 3.5 books and honestly couldn't pick up a fantasy book for the next 2 months - yuk