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forkroot forkroot said (2 years ago):
How funny! - I don't check my "shouts" that often. But just happened to check about 10 minutes after you left me one. Glad you liked the Tor Places song. As I was working on it, all of the nifty reports from JordanCon were coming in (including lots of your awesome pics) - so I tried hard to work that stuff into the song was well. I'm really going to try hard to make it to next year's JCon. I've already been talking it up to my better half - she loves all things Coca Cola (you should see her office!), so I'm hoping the Coke museum is an angle to work with :-)
Samadai Samadai said (3 years ago):
He Leslie, sorry about that, I thought I booted him from the group but I guess I forgot to hit submit, but it is done now. I hope you won't leave. Your costume is awesome btw.
forkroot forkroot said (3 years ago):
Hi Leslie - Wish there was a way we would know when we have a shout ... I forget to check. Thanks for the kind words about "Fraasti" - Alice (Wetlandernw) gets credit for encouraging me to write something this year. I think JordanCon would be a blast and a half, but probably the only way I would be able to pull it off is if I am fortunate enough to be assigned to a customer somewhere in the Southeast around that time. Then I can usually fiddle with travel to make it doable.
MasterAlThor MasterAlThor said (4 years ago):
No snowballs for me please. I can't stand this snow. But if you don't head my warning I am getting a NERF sniper payback will be on the agenda. You will have a fun time explaining to your coworkers why you look like you look like a nerf pincushion. LOL
RobMRobM RobMRobM said (4 years ago):
Thanks. Appreciate it. Very bad 24 hours until the cancer doc said he's confident the tumor is benign. I'll be happy when it's out of her and confirmed ok. Rob
subwoofer subwoofer said (4 years ago):
Thank you Lannis- your thoughts are very much appreciated. It is nice to get a word-hug every once in a while:) It was unexpected and not what I was going for, but thanks. I was actually being kinda er... ego centric. I do what I do for me, not for scratches behind the ear or replies, but sometimes, heck daily, I feel the need to get thoughts off my chest and this is my outlet. This is my catharsis. That folks read what I have to say is gravy. Woof™.
insectoid insectoid said (4 years ago):
Probably not. I personally can't afford it, and am trying to find employment. Besides, trying to convince my mom to fly to Atlanta is like trying to talk Rand out of breaking the Seals... ;)
MasterAlThor MasterAlThor said (4 years ago):
I was but will not be able to attend. My oldest son is graduating from the Air Force so I will have to go to Texas in early March. Thus I will not have the funds to go to Georgia in April. Maybe next time.
MasterAlThor MasterAlThor said (4 years ago):
What was her name? Is there a list of names that we know?
Terez27 Terez27 said (4 years ago):
Great, I will hopefully see you guys there!