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WDWParksGal WDWParksGal said (8 months ago):
Thank you for the welcome to the ReRead Redux! Am so very excited to be part of it all! I will skip the sour candy and search for chocolate!
Samadai Samadai said (2 years ago):
I am happy you joined us, I was going to miss everyone when the reread finally ended. Now at least we can keep in contact somewhat
swissswiss swissswiss said (3 years ago):
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beby4oo beby4oo said (3 years ago):
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Tektonica Tektonica said (4 years ago):
I'm so glad you are enjoying Malazan! The rereaders are nice, aren't they? There is so much information, philosophy and thought provoking material, sometimes it's hard to read for PLOT! I get so involved in his concepts and language. Such great turns of phrase. But rest assured there is plenty of's hard to keep track of. So many characters! MoI was nice because we knew most of the players, although you will come to know them much more deeply than you did in GotM. Some wonderful people. SE really pulls your heart strings too...a real roller coaster between pathos and great humor. It is hard to both read and reread, but the books were too good to just go at the reread pace. Unfortunately, we are moving house this month and I get about 3 pages in at night now before my eyes blur, so I have slowed Waaaaay down. Damn. I was trying to get to the CG on time, but it's just sitting here looking at me...tempting me! I made some really stupid statements on the thread this week and I'm blaming it on lack of sleep and focus. I hope the group hasn't just written me off as a dope now! Anyway...keep going!!!
Tektonica Tektonica said (4 years ago):
So glad you are liking Malazan. ( I think it's probably my favorite Fantasy series of all time now.) MOI is every bit as good as DG. And it just keeps going. Personally, I think forging ahead is a better way to enjoy the as a Reread...I'm picking up lots of hints. It's just hard to do the reread AND my current book! We will see the resolution in the Seven Cities conflict in HoC and with it the attendant players plus new ones. I'm back in Darujhustan again now in Toll the Hounds. But you have continents and many new characters to discover yet, although the ones we already know seem to me (having 2 1/2 books to go yet) to be the major players. I love you having you on the comment thread!
Fiddler Fiddler said (4 years ago):
You're welcome :) I'd advise you to be up to par when the 'Memories of Ice' reread starts. It's one of my favourite books ever. And here we get a first hint on what the whole series is really about :)
Tektonica Tektonica said (4 years ago):
So glad you are enjoying DG...MOI is just as good, if not better! This is by FAR the best Fantasy I've ever much depth! The posts are pretty much spoiler free. There were a few slip ups, but people are trying...which by the way, I find very very frustrating, because unlike you, I LOVE spoilers! Well, most of them. It lets me read more slowly, and more in depth, and with SE, that is important. But I will certainly respect your right to not be spoiled! I'm finding so much I missed in DG on my second time through, it's unbelievable. SE is a genius!
Fiddler Fiddler said (4 years ago):
Hi KiManiak! The Hounds of Shadow are ancient, they go with the Warren of Shadow, so to speak, and have obeyed earlier Lords who possed the Throne of Shadow. On a side note, the Warren of Shadow (Kurald Emurlahn) is a broken warren, shattered into different parts. Shadowthrone just took the part where the throne was in. But there are other 'pockets' of this warren, which you will find out in later books. Kurald Emurlahn is an Elder warren, btw, and Meanas is sort of an offspring of it (there are two others; I gues this can have something to do with the original elder warren being shattered). Kulp has an affinity for that particular warren, because his magic is attuned to it. About the timeline, all I can say that there are a few things that don't fit really, but most readers don't mind it. There are also a few things in GotM that don't fit with the rest of the seriesas well; Note that there were 10 years between when SE wrote this manuscript and that of DG (after he got a publisher for GotM). Kellanved and Dancer were mortals who created the Malazan Empire (with a little help from their friends). When they had that set up, they wanted to raise the bar and ascend. when they did and grabbed the Throne of Shadow, they became the unique ascendants/gods Shadowthrone and Cotillion. There is a big plan there, but you don't get all the details before the last book. On Mortals and Ascendants, it goes like this: a mortal can ascend, and ascendants can become gods. That doesn't mean that all ascendants can become a god though. On the other hand, a god can be cast down a tile (Fener, for example was really hurt by Heboric touching that jade statue in DG; more about that in the next book). Especially when they are no longer worshipped. On warrens, Tek said it right. A lot about that stuff gets clearer in MoI. But I can tell you that the warrens were created by the Elder god K'rul. If you have more questions, feel free to ask!
Tektonica Tektonica said (4 years ago):
Hi Kimani! I don't know when I figured this out, or if Fiddler explained it to me somewhere along the line. I don't think it's Spoilery, just explanitory. The Warrens, they are still a mystery, but do become more defined as we go along. As I understand it, The Warren of Shadow has existed for millenia, as have most warrens. The Players/ascendents/gods have changed throughout time. I think the Throne of Shadow was open and Kell and Dancer moved in, so to speak. So they are merely the current holders of said position. As for QB being a Priest of Shadow?? Maybe Fiddler can enlighten us both on that timeline. It does appear he worked for ST, not some other throne holder. I have also been warned not to pay too much attention to timelines, as they are sometimes really just wrong. ?? The whole warren thing does become clearer as you read through the books, altho I'd be hard pressed to describe it to you! LOL. They are pretty complicated. Think of them as other realms, maybe, with powerful magic. How far into the series are you? Keeping up with the reread? OR forging ahead? I'm into Toll the Hounds now...and still loving it. Some incredible characters and philosophy. Heavy lifting, as you say, but good, brilliant stuff! Feel free to pose any questions!