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StevenErikson on Malazan Re-read of the Fallen: House of Chains, Chapter Two at Saturday July 23, 2011
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Alex_W Alex_W said (5 months ago):
Hey beim checken deines Accounts hier gerade festgestellt, dass du anscheinend ein Deutscher in Deutschland bist. Korrekt? Na, wäre auf jeden Fall nett sich auf dieser Seite hier mal auch mit jemandem auf Deutsch unterhalten zu können :-) Grüsse Al.
Tektonica Tektonica said (4 years ago):
There were many great parts of TtH. Just verbose. I do particularly love the philosophy...it really does set this work apart in the genre. And great characters...Karsa, Samar Dev, Daseem and Kallor...what an amazingly written character...so evil sometimes, so cold, so selfish and then glimpses of someone else in there.... Nice to see Kruppe, Murillio :-(, Stonny, the BB's..more :-(, the Noms, Cutter and Challice. Lots of tragedy.
Tektonica Tektonica said (4 years ago):
Thanks Kah-thurak....that really helped clarify a few points....it got pretty murky in there. The reread is so fun because I'm finding all sorts of references in MoI to TtH! And if/when I get to TtH again, things should be crystal...LOL ;-) And the dying god...bellurdan?....argh. I thought the wandering of Nimander and his group with Clip was a total waste/distraction. I guess we agree on that one! Thanks again.
Tektonica Tektonica said (4 years ago):
So much philosophy in TtH. There was definitely some preachyness....but he's a smart guy and it's all well written. The book as a whole just seemed overwrought. A bit of editing could've sped things up considerably. Losing Rake was just so sad. I'm still digesting what actually happened in Dragnipur with the "net" and the gate, etc. It appeared that Mother Dark had already reappeared in the form of Ananada before Rake sacrificed himself??? If you can fill me in, that'd be great! I'm missing something there. But Rake is an amazing character. And I enjoy Brood. I do wonder why there are these convergences that drive all our main characters to certain places...just part of Malazan I guess ;-)
Tektonica Tektonica said (4 years ago):
It was really the obvious politics that turned me off in MT. The Letherii seem to embody all the worst traits of a capitalist society taken to the extreme and I had to fight not to be insulted. The Edur story line off in the forest seemed a bit plodding, but I do like Trull...gotta love a skeptic! Sad to hear you thought Toll the Hounds was a plod too. Sigh. So far, Reaper's Gale has me interested. I understand the 14th appears towards the end and I'm looking forward to that! So far, DG and MoI are really the standout books for me...love those characters, and the cultures seem more complete somehow. But SE is an amazing writer, even when on his soapbox. Which were your favorites?
Tektonica Tektonica said (4 years ago):
Hi Gerd. Well...I found MT a bit "politicized" for my taste. The first 450 pages or so with the Edur in the mountains were kind of a snore for me. I know there was a lot of good info there, but also a lot of reprehensible characters. Thank god for Brys, Tehol and Bugg! I read the Bonehunters before MT, so now I'm into Reaper's Gale...only Ch.4 Loved Bonehunters and RG is going well so far. What did you think of MT?
Tektonica Tektonica said (4 years ago):
Thanks Gerd. I appreciate the update!
Tektonica Tektonica said (4 years ago):
I guess we'll have to RAFO....but I do think there's something hinky going on between Rel and Laseen. He is a snake!
Tektonica Tektonica said (4 years ago):
Of course you have much more knowledge of the future books than I do ;-) And I look forward to learning more about why Laseen is so powerful. Why was she under Rel's thumb so badly in Bonehunters? That was hard to watch. Anyway, Ruse being of the Sea....isn't Rel a jhistal priest of Mael...god of the Sea? I thought it had some mind bending properties too....and doesn't Mael get rid of Rel for some transgressions on down the line? Thanks for your thoughts! Keep 'em coming.
Tektonica Tektonica said (4 years ago):
This is the kind of stuff I wish we could discuss openly on the thread....spoilers be damned. I'd love everyone's input on this and other theories!