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aprildmoore aprildmoore said (1 year ago):
*waves* and *hugs* - will you be at Hypericon? I think we should be there at least part of the weekend, but I'm having some outpatient stuff done, so it will depend on how I feel. BUT, hope to see you there!
insectoid insectoid said (1 year ago):
Red Ajah, got it!
A Fox A Fox said (1 year ago):
Ah. Cheers for the correction :)
Man-0-Manetheran Man-0-Manetheran said (1 year ago):
Train? Hah. Did Tek tell you that? I actually am coming by train because I had a free ticket. It will take several days, but hopefully will be fun. See you Atlanta!!!
Bravehearted Bravehearted said (3 years ago):
Some of us have been chatting in Gabbly its straight WoT chatter and respectful but its fun :) http://www.gabbly.com/www.tor.com