Gray Woodland
London, England
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By day, King Rat of the biology labs; by night and at leisure, avid reader and compulsive writer of SF and fantasy. Other notable interests include history, language, food, drink, music, science, politics, economics, and playing the goat. My thoughts and random twitchings on all these matters can be found on my blog, Goat in the Machine.
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In Sheep’s Clothing: Why Fantasy and SF might be disguised as each other 47 replies | 10461 views superdave superdave
1 year 1 month ago
Queering SFF: First Experiences 57 replies | 8734 views
1 year 8 months ago
“Everyone talks like Shakespeare”: Pamela Dean’s Secret Country trilogy 19 replies | 8254 views iopgod iopgod
1 year 9 months ago
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