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Taitastigon Taitastigon said (4 years ago):
Howdy. WJ´s knee was injured at the fete in Darujihstan, when the BB fought Raest (-> GotM)
Tektonica Tektonica said (4 years ago):
I edited my post. I don't think that was much of a spoiler! And for the record.... I think all this tip-toeing around is stupid. In the intro to ALL the posts, it states that there will be spoilers. But the posters don't want anything to "spoil the newbie's surprises." This is a REREAD and I think our discussion is severely limited by not being able to discuss spoilers. Basically, we just kind of reiterate what Bill says in his recaps. Sigh. I seem to be an army of One, which is why this rant isn't on the thread! Thanks for letting me unload!