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I'm an aspiring writer (you guessed that, didn't you) with a bunch of useless but fun degrees in Linguistics, Scandinavian Studies, History and Archaeology. As history geek, I'm particularly interested in Roman times and the Middle Ages. I also love opera, traveling, riding, languages and photographing. I have a blog where I post about history, my travels, writing and some other stuff. I also love sharing my photos there: http://lostfort.blogspot.com
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G-Campbell G-Campbell said (4 years ago):
Wow, lots of new posts while I was away on a little tour along the Rhine. *goes reading*
G-Campbell G-Campbell said (4 years ago):
I just rearranged some books on my shelves and counted 65 books about Roman history (mostly Imperial) and the Roman army. Last time I looked I had 20. How on earth did that happen? :)
Irene Irene said (4 years ago):
wow...amazing shots!
G-Campbell G-Campbell said (4 years ago):
Uploaded some more photos. For some reason only the first 20 show in my profile, so you'll have to click one and start the slideshow or forward to see the rest. Unfortunately, they come without the titles (and they're all over the place from Scotland, Germany and Wales). But even without titles they should be fun. :)