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Alex_W Alex_W said (6 months ago):
Thank you for your feedback Fid :-) Yeah, I'm quite ok too. Untill soon. Al.
Alex_W Alex_W said (6 months ago):
Hi Fid Hope you are ok. Sorry for disturbing you here. But I have a question. :-) I've just finished DG and read everything on it by Bill and Amanda, the comments and the Q&A with SE. There's this one thing I don't yet understand. If it's a RAFO question just tell me so. But if there's no explanation about that in later books I'd be glad if you could help me out with that. So in NoK by Esslemont we get Jhenna as Guardian of the Deadhouse Azath in Malaz City. Now at the end of DG the guardian seems to be Gothos. At least it appears to be that way. What do you think about that? Ah and there comes something else to my mind as i'm writing. Sorry. In some comments of Abalieno towards the end of DG he writes about discovering the all overall and overwhelming sheme Steven E. had in mind writing this series. And obviously SE confirmed that he is right. The key to this according to SE is in TtH but Abalieno claims he got onto it only after reading only the first 4 or 5 books. Well I don't want to know about the exact nature of that apparently existing great sheme or things right now, since I have so much to read and find out still myself in this Malazan world. I'm just wondering if you know about that sheme Aba was writing about, if it's really that overwhelming and, as Aba states I belive, devastatingly intriguing, as it appears to be? And if it's clear at the end of the series or very difficult to detect? Thanks if you care to answer me. Looking surely forward to it :-). Al.
Billcap Billcap said (2 years ago):
Hi Fiddler, Thanks for the notice re the Rell line. I completely blanked that it's still a secret what he is (I think there was a reference or two in someone's commentary, but nothing definite). I'll see if I can edit it out. Thanks again for catching--appreciate it! Bill
David_C David_C said (3 years ago):
ok, i'll bite. (i'm following the MBotF re-read.) What is the single letter clue about Delat?