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tlchang tlchang said (6 years ago):
Hi Corina - sounds like GenCon was awesome for you! Congrats!
Corina Corina said (6 years ago):
Hey Irene! GenCon actually went better than I'd expected. Thanks for asking :) It was really good to see Rebecca, Sara and Drew B. We visited a while and that was cool. As far as the art thing, I had 3 paintings ready and basically was looking for a critique to see if I was a good fit for them (WOC), etc. I met with Jon and Kevin, really nice guys, I think Jon's the head AD, not sure. Anyway, to make a long story shorter, Jon said that if I could send 3-4 more paintings with the same feel but show, a different perspective, a funky critter or two, and action then they would have some work for me. I just started grinning and Kevin said, "That goes double for me". "You're at 85% and if you just push that last 15% you'll have it. My first reaction is like AAAAHHHHH! I can't believe I'm so close! My second reaction is "What am I going to paint and how do I do a good job again?" So, now I'm on a mission. How've you been? Are you finally able to chill since the Cons are over? Have an awesome day! Corina Rocks!
Irene Irene said (6 years ago):
Hi Corina! Welcome to Tor. How did Gencon go?