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Robin55077 Robin55077 said (3 years ago):
Al, It is great that you and your son enjoy and discuss these books together. Prior to this re-read, I did not know a single person who was reading the Malazan series and had no one to discuss them with. About a year and a half ago, I joined the Malazan group on Facebook and there met my fiance so I now have someone that I can discuss the books with at will. It is great to be able to discuss them with someone else and have someone off which to bounce theories and ideas. Happy reading!
uhrenaudemars uhrenaudemars said (3 years ago):
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stevenhalter stevenhalter said (4 years ago):
The Imperial Warren doesn't seem to have the same physical boundaries as Kallor's old realm anymore. For example, people are traveling from Unta to 7 cities in it.