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Queens, NY
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illustrator- My 1st cover assignment was from Tor, (25 years ago?!) I'm in the gallery on here. My website: bruce and you can find me on facebook and twitter.
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Irene Irene said (6 years ago):
Hey Bruce - I've tried emailing you but I don't think it went through. Can you drop me a line?
Irene Irene said (6 years ago):
Glad you like the NY thread. Add to it any time you hear of anything. And welcome to Twitter - it's a great group!
orchard orchard said (6 years ago):
I'm a big, big fan Bruce! Amazing work.
Irene Irene said (6 years ago):
Irene Irene said (6 years ago):
Irene Irene said (6 years ago):
Bruce - I shout at you and these adorable little creatures!
thefayth thefayth said (6 years ago):
agreed, most excellent.
arachnejericho arachnejericho said (6 years ago):
Love the art. Warm, wistful, and strange.