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Began my WoT addiction in 1991. Have not found a successful twelve step program. Long time member of and was actively involved in the RP there as a multitude of characters... Ji'anna, Carina, Darya, LaTrelle, Airyne, Laurell, and Sara.
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Sulin Sulin said (4 years ago):
*stalking* Looking through your photos, I saw that sunset picture and thought, "hmmm, that looks like a Texas sunset," and now I see you're in Texas too! :) Oh and I love your pretty kitties! :)
Tektonica Tektonica said (5 years ago):
Amalisa....a number of us have exchanged Facebook names...if you want to join in, friend me...look for Patricia Grantz Irish. Put the whole darn name in for the reunion people. You'll see the other WOTers listed amongst my friends, if you don't have them already. Great way to keep in touch and share pix! Love your thoughtful posts, BTW.
subwoofer subwoofer said (5 years ago):
Hi, it sucks that you have been um... job free for the last little bit. That is a tough break. Keep your head up though. I'd hire you in an instant, if you don't mind relocating to the tundra. If I could up and move to Texas, I'd be there in a heartbeat. Um except I would be tarred and feathered as I am a Giants fan. As of late I have been questioning it, but I still feel that things happen for a reason. Stay positive. Things have a way of working out.