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chaplainchris1 chaplainchris1 said (4 years ago):
Alphaleonis - imo you've misread the story of Sodom and Gomorrah if you believe that homosexuality is the (only, or primary) sin condemned in that story. There's much more going on there, including abuse of women (daughters, in fact), breaking hospitality rules re: treatment of guests (very old and sacred laws in many cultures), etc. To suggest that Sodom and Gomorrah are condemned for homosexuality is, among other fallacies, to suggest that these are the only two cities where such things occurred. In any case, you can hardly expect people who don't share your creed to abide by the conventions of it. (And in my case, I suspect that we share the same creed, but I do not share what I take to be your interpretation of it. My creed, after all, is based on the man who said when slapped in the face (or spat on the face?) one ought to turn the other cheek.)