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Fiddler Fiddler said (4 years ago):
Fair enough. :)
Fiddler Fiddler said (4 years ago):
Good for you! Feel free to share later, once you've caught up with tCG. :)
moeb1us moeb1us said (4 years ago):
Hey Aba, I just stopped by to point you towards something about the Prince of Nothing series. I do not know if you have read the first trilogy of it yet, but if you did, and if you liked it like I did, maybe you are interested in a post I stumbled over while searching opinions about the books: http://forum.three-seas.com/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=39359 I hope the shoutbox lets me post a link. It is an essay about the metaphysics of eärwa with a focus on the no-god. it was a good read to me. also note, that there is a very good timeline online in the PoN wikia.
EarthandIce EarthandIce said (4 years ago):
I have a suggestion for you, especially with series books. When you sit down to read, have pen and paper handy to take notes. This way you can review your notes instead of re-reading the entire book. A trick I learned from college. I have done this for the Wheel of Time series by Jordan, and am doing it with the Malazan series. It makes finding a reference so much easier and a lot less frustrating. In addition, any series that goes beyond one book will have errors. That is the nature of the beast. Jordan had assistants and readers along with computer files on his characters and he still made mistakes. From what Erickson has written, he does not have those resources in any organized fashion. I have ignored the dates for that reason. I for one am glad the books were published, warts and all because the story as a whole is amazing.
Fiddler Fiddler said (4 years ago):
"Appeasing the common crowd" That was me trying not to spoil about things coming up in Bonehunters. ;-)