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Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK
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Malazan Reread of the Fallen: Dust of Dreams, Chapter Seventeen 20 replies | 5514 views Aegnor Aegnor
19 hours 12 minutes ago
Malazan Reread of the Fallen: Orb Sceptre Throne, Chapter Three 11 replies | 2571 views BMcGovern BMcGovern
1 week 2 days ago
Malazan Re-read of the Fallen: Memories of Ice, Chapters 11, 12 and 13 54 replies | 12911 views Alex_W Alex_W
3 months 2 weeks ago
Malazan Re-read of the Fallen: Deadhouse Gates, Chapters 10 and 11 177 replies | 19374 views Cassanne Cassanne
3 months 3 weeks ago
Malazan Reread of the Fallen: The Crippled God, Chapter Twenty-three (Part Three) 72 replies | 4596 views lycophidion lycophidion
4 months 1 week ago
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Hadiza Hadiza said (10 months ago):
Hello, I like your profile in this community network and I think you are a nice person. Can we get in contact? I'm sorry if i am embarrassing you, I got curious to know you better after viewing your profile i think that i have something important to exchanged with you i shall explain more about myself including my pictures, please E-mail me to ( ) not in this site because i am a new in this community and i don't visit this site often, I'd like to get to know you if you don't mind Please i will Tell you more about my self thanks & regards Hadiza.
dylbeck dylbeck said (10 months ago):
Thank you so much for your hard work on the Malazan Re-read! I was wondering, after Dust of Dreams, do you plan to go on to The Crippled God? If so, are you and Mr. Capossere going to continue with the rest of Mr. Esslemont's works and Forge of Darkness?