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Nick Hlavacek
12. Nick31
@3 - Yes! Pirate shirt! That was my first reaction as well. :D
Nick Hlavacek
21. Nick31
I'm with the majority here it seems in not really caring for this episode. It started off badly with...
Marilynn Byerly
12. MByerly
After driving a sleigh with a shark, The Doctor has a hard time steering raindeer? It was nice change,...
1. Kaila
"Pol is quite a bit of a bore here. He’s all work and no fun. Sioned does
a fairly decent job of...
Christopher Bennett
11. ChristopherLBennett
@10: When Clara said she believed in Santa but he looked different to her, she was talking about the...
2. kid_greg
Ginger was my very first crush. I think she was was the first female I ever lusted after and I wasn't...
Nick Hlavacek
130. Nick31
This would be a fun gift for the kids, or my wife's classroom. Thanks!
Brian Haughwout
10. bhaughwout
I had the same simple thought about the use of the volcano planet"set": while filming at Lanzarote earlier...
Christopher Bennett
1. ChristopherLBennett
I hate to point it out, but 4/5 of New York City is on islands.
gjm gjm
63. iscius
Hello, I have no where else to ask this:
why did you change from Ralph Lister on Audiobooks?

gjm gjm
4. iscius

I have no where else to ask this:

why did you change from Ralph Lister on Audiobooks?

129. Breana M.
Thanks for the chance to win. :D
9. Celestine Angel
No, you're not the only one who thought of the possibility that all of season 8 might be a dream and...
9. rackhamtree
Charles Vess here: I thought you might be interested in this. The first two chapters of this story flew...
David Foster
67. ZenBossanova
Pretty awful, sure, to enslave sentient spren.
But why would that crime make the KR abondon their...
8. Tinderbox
I would include the clockwork mice from "The Mouse and His Child" (1967) by Russell Hoban.
9. Erik Dercf
I wonder if this is what Doyle felt like trying to kill off Sherlock and move forward. An important...
Emmet O'Brien
8. EmmetAOBrien
ChristopherLBennett@6: Tangerines associated with Santa is a WWII -era rationing thing, luxury food...
20. CarmenNNNNN
Agree with several of the commenters above. Not a fan of this episode, despite cults being a realistic...
10. hg
@5: Dennis Creevey isn't mentioned in Deathly Hallows. Only Colin is. And Jo Rowling later said, that...
9. alreadymadwithdreadpirate
To me the as you wish implied that the story was an embellished version of the storyteller's(i.e. the...
7. Random22
I think it would have been a stronger episode if this had been Clara's exit. Apart from that the only...
Christopher Bennett
6. ChristopherLBennett
@4: Danny's line was sarcastically saying he was dressed up as Santa for Easter, and Clara said that...
Christopher Bennett
8. ChristopherLBennett
@7: Author of the DTI novels here... If the timestreams did merge, then quantum physics says that only...
127. EAJ...
Thanks for the chance at that nice collection, and for the fabulousness of all year long.
7. Erik Dercf
Don't deny your desire for a mashup. I remember I saw Fast 6 on the same day I saw Into Darkness and...
Jarmila Kašparová
5. Tessuna
@3: I've been thinking exactly the same thing, but thought it's just me being influenced by the abovementioned...
4. Dr. Cox
In the "old Clara" sequence, I was thinking about Sarah Jane.
Favorite line--can't remember it exactly,...