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8. JoeNotCharles
These chapters show off the central incongruity in the book - I hesitate to call it a "problem" because...
David Thomson
23. ZetaStriker
All of you enjoying Wolf Girl made me breathe a heavy sigh of relief. Same for whoever liked Tribe Cool...
1. LeeH
I love that different people are able to look at the same work and see it/feel it differently.

7. Crystallynnfairy
@AlexBrown When I think about it like that, If I had saw the movie without any awareness of the book...
Gorman Ghaste
7. GormanGhaste
@2: The idea that aristocratic women never have affairs is an amusing belief.
28. MGP
This scene reminds me of something. Back in SS, Hagrid stated that the only people that joined Voldemort...
6. Evert
I'm very sorry about this, I've fallen a little behind. Recently moved house and my ereader seems to...
Adrian Bologan
71. Tarash_bulba
Thx @ darth.agilus.
I don't know why these details sticked so much in my mind and so I tried to see...
5. ShawnPCooke
Amazing recap and commentary, as always!

I have often felt like the first few chapters in this section...
27. Herenya
So Dumbledore couldn't have cast the charm for the Potters but he might have taught them how to cast...
880. Danielsahn
Oh pleasepleasepleaseplease! This would be sooo much fun!
Deana Whitney
24. Braid_Tug
@17: But later she tells Kaladin that his shoes were not comfortable. So it was an ill fit for her....
Steven Halter
4. stevenhalter
I enjoy the strangeness of Faerie--it is a very different place and clearly follows different rules....
Tabby Alleman
19. Tabbyfl55
Well I read Mystery Knight, but all I mainly remember about it was that it was a major historical infodump,...
Alice Arneson
23. Wetlandernw
Try this and see if it works...

Tabby Alleman
32. Tabbyfl55
@31, except for this: In book fandom, seems to me the biggest complaint I've seen is what a let down...
Michael Poteet
10. MikePoteet
I gave up on this show after the first season, although I was enjoying it well enough. I just didn't...
3. a1ay
And, sorry for three in a row: Perroquet. French servants not using their own names was definitely a...
Christopher Bennett
25. ChristopherLBennett
@22: I don't want to see Wu restored as the Earth King, because monarchy is an antiquated and intrinsically...
2. a1ay
“He privately confided to Lady Winsell, his particular friend, that
her ladyship was exactly the...
leif Nyman
22. leiftinspace
Hey Alice, would you be able to post a link to that 17th Shard page with all the WoB's you mentioned?
1. a1ay
Two new characters, as well. John Murray is “energetic and
businesslike,” a Scotchman (Drawlight...
186. Aleksandra Nearing
Love reading - this sound like a great trilogy! Thanks for the chance to win.
Kit Case
26. wiredog
He keep himself in dog form most of the time so that the Dementors wouldn’t pray on him
And now I have...