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Chef Emotional
97. Transceiver
@96: Yeah, sack Moffat - let's get a show runner from Gallifrey who isn't hung up on human archetypes....
Sanne Jense
5. Cassanne
I love Renault, especially the Alexander books. I looked for these books once, but they were indeed...
Katharine Duckett
25. Katharine
@AeronaGreenjoy We're sorry for the problem! I'm not sure exactly why it occurred--it's probably an...
Sky Thibedeau
24. SkylarkThibedeau
Actually Apple Cider vinegar is an effective way to catch and drown fruit flies.
27. tcheph
i think i could see this as a spin-off comedy w/laugh track. i dream of jeannie, rebooted. she never...
8. CassRMorris
I have long, long, long wanted Morena Baccarin for Phedre, though by now she's aged out of Dart-era.
John Lofgren
13. JohnTheLurker
I too love this series. Justice Hall is one of the best novels I've ever read.
23. Wilerson
My condolences to your family, Leigh.

Well, I was expecting for this chapter ever since the beginning...
46. KathryF
Loved the original short story; looking forward to this adaptation!
5. MGP
We know that Sirius was at the Quidditch match. Maybe the dementors detected him somehow and tracked...
Jarmila Kašparová
96. Tessuna
@93: It does sound familiar. It's just... all the travelling to other planets and stuff... it takes...
4. Claire_
"My real question here is, are Snape prejudices against werewolves fully informed by his experience...
Adam S.
Thanks, Emily. The dementors at the quidditch match was just about the worst thing ever, from Harry's...
95. Elizbeth
The phrase "off the rails" does not even begin to describe whatever this thing is. This thing is more...
Valerie Varner
2. varnerv951
I always wondered if DD knew whether or not Sirius was innocent at this point in the story... It kind...
George Jong
10. IndependentGeorge
@7 - I agree 100%. Bunsen & Beaker are so obviously Egon.

@9 - Animal is the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow...
Michael Church
22. Airsicklowlander
Ym is another example of a KR percieving that something should be a certain way, when in reality in...
118. Peter T.
Well, except for the fact that Craig's "Casino Royale" is clearly meant to be a PREQUEL to the other...
1. Sophist
Hermione’s concern over the map is sensible as ever, but no reader is ever going to agree on giving...
Chef Emotional
94. Transceiver
@91: In truth everyone's behavior fluctuates somewhat, even that of extreme introverts/extroverts, but...
3. Narvi
A band actually decided to play what they thought the song they played would be like.
Valerie Varner
22. varnerv951
I found nothing but glee when I read this chapter. I didn't have any empathy for Cersei. She has been...
45. ShannonLF
I love 'Anda's Game'! I hope I win :)
Eli Bishop
21. EliBishop
Also, I think it's hilarious that the High Septon and his crew, even though they're pretty scary and...
20. AeronaGreenjoy
“If someone told Cersei, ‘You catch more flies with honey than vinegar,’ I think she’d just...
17. Fred Patten
I enjoyed Bond’s Paddington Bear books, but I was absolutely delighted by their parodies by Woodrow...
19. JadenT
Cersei knows that the hymen thing is bullshit, see the "hope you enjoyed those horseback rides" comment,...
Paul Weimer
1. PrinceJvstin
Really good discussion all around. (I humbly admit that my PHD and learned co-host Shaun Duke might've...
24. Ilex
@ #4 (ZhaneEndrick); <i>If people were bothered by the idea of Dumbledore being homosexual, they...