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1. Bookwyrm
Yay! Me? Please? Please please please?
B Colledge
113. Humanmale
And just for fun as it's pure speculation without even the faintest hint of corroboration:

The wheel...
45. Tom Donaldson
35. dcole78WEDNESDAY JULY 08, 2009 09:00PM EDTI wrote:
>> Here though the creature is made out...
Christopher Bennett
89. ChristopherLBennett
@88: Yeah, real life is deeply cliched and full of totally unbelievable plot twists.
Jacob Silvia
3. aethercowboy
Spoiler Alert: He was a dead superhero alien allergic to water living in a secluded pseudo-historical...
B Colledge
112. Humanmale
@HaydenReece & JohnPoint:
The scale of the industrial remnants does suggest more technologically...
1. niu
I think it's good they're taking their time with Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers/Ms Marvel. The current...
Alice Arneson
34. Wetlandernw
zaldar @30 - There's a difference between innocence and ignorance. In something near a half-century,...
Anthony Pero
74. anthonypero

Stargate gets really, really good for about 4 years, then not so good.. then Season...
Chris Nelly
35. Aeryl
@34, It was explained that Pettigrew wanted to stay with a wizarding family to keep tabs on the war....
Brendan Guy
4. bguy
@2: Well in the game supplements you have to have access to 2nd level spells to take the Test of High...
Anthony Pero
3. anthonypero
Sturm's prickliness about his honor makes perfect sense later on as events develop.

TL;DR: He's...
2. endymion
Isn't Andarist dead?

also minor correction on the summary, Barathol is Kalam's cousin, not brother
John Graham
111. JohnPoint
Hayden @109:

I'm going with Occam, and think it's the ruins of an earlier, technologically advanced...
137. JanaJansen
@136: I'm glad we agree about the most important aspect.

But as I've already said, I'm sure they...
15. acclic
I'm pretty sure that many of the people of the time didn't realize what was going on with the German...
Hayden Johansen
110. HaydenReece
Most of the machines were believed to be melted. It might have been the very place Encanis was burned.
Hayden Johansen
109. HaydenReece
Yeah I guess it might be a far stretch.

However, I really do want to know what you think it could...
Church Tucker
53. Church
@17 I believe the Confederate States Army also took slaves in lieu of their master at some point.

88. JanaJansen
@87/Christopher: I guess you can find anything in real life :-)
14. JamesPadraicR
Try the movie "Parents"
1. kjtherock
I think that Morn is Anderist. An individual who was trapped on drift avalie doing basically nothing...
109. Saffi
Forget Stewart Grainger and go back to the original novel telling the story of Andre-Louis Moreau: lawyer,...
108. VoorLibrarian
How about several of the young women characters in Rick Riordan's Heroes of Olympus series. Hazel ...
Lauren Hartman
2. naupathia
@1 I'm right there with you! This recent internet obsession with spoilers has gotten a little silly....
John Graham
108. JohnPoint
Humanmale @107: Well said.

HaydenReece @104: Evidence? Nah. Speculation? Yes. Six Degrees...
Andrew Berenson
33. AndrewHB
wcarter @32. I thought I recalled somewhere in WoR Shallan implying that bacuse Pattern was otherwise...
85. TimWolfe
I'm just doing a re-read of the series, and following along here -- and enjoying the heck out of your...
2. hoopmanjh
That's one of the problems -- they're supposed to be relative veteran adventurers (just back from a...