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Risha Jorgensen
18. RishaBree
@17 - To the best of my knowledge, it was Warren Ellis the writer. But I, too, had never heard of the...
ron  frampton
575. AndreaF.
I don't think I own any of those!! So many great books in this list! Here is hoping!!
ron  frampton
574. JReynolds
Can this be the one I win? Time will tell....
ron  frampton
572. Jim French
Hmm... I could give this a present, or I could keep it for myself.
Jonathan Laury
17. BornToPootle
@16 yeah, he's one of Nick Cave's Bad Seeds, part of Dirty Three and various other Nick Cave spin off...
Amey Chinchorkar
571. ameyc
This is what's called "the sweepstakes to end the year all sweepstakes"!!
Beccy Higman
11. Jazzlet
I thought the whole point about lifebonds was that they were instant, it wasn't a matter of getting...
ron  frampton
568. Aaron B
I would love to win this! Thanks.
ron  frampton
115. WhiteWizard42
Well, for anyone keeping track, the end of Slow Regard lines up with chapter 11. Thanks to this detailed...
ron  frampton
92. Melanie Dauterive
I would love to win
ron  frampton
16. name that's not in use
@12 There's a violinist?
ron  frampton
562. EM42
I see a bunch of good books by some terrific authors. Who wouldn't want to win that!