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22. Rush-That-Speaks
I do wish people would lay off the Yezidis. They have been persecuted for almost the entirety of the...
Terry McNamee
23. macster
Before I say anything else (and so Leigh and anyone else interested can see it without having to wade...
73. TomPSJr
I would love to win this as the barnes and Nobles across the street has carried less and less of Chloe's...
72. Mary a
This series really drains me!! In a really good way. Love to take a bite out of it.
71. Donna Wager
would be amazing beside my beach chair (when the snow finally melts)
14. A. F. Smith
The Kennedy & King assassinations started conspiracy theories, not the X-Files. The US Government...
Leigh Butler
22. leighdb
Ways @ 17:

It's been pretty consistently two chapters per post. This one had three, but that's because...
156. Cringeworthy
Any list that lacks Deathstalker is a fail.
18. wdrew31488
This would work if Netflix was completely ignoring the fact that the games are connected. The series...
155. Solo
In case no one mentioned it here, I want to ask why the animated movie "Fire & Ice" released in...
Samantha Blaskowski
70. Scylight
This would be an awesome series to add to my library!
13. Jack Womack
(tl;dr at end)

20-25-30 percent of the American public has always been prone to believe in Roswell,...
154. Tim C
What about Army of Darkness. Surely it falls on this list somewhere.
So many good lines. "Well hello...
Don Barkauskas
7. bad_platypus
I agree with Mayhem @6: The Great Ones hastened the end, but Mara won on her own. The only thing the...
75. Hayley J
I wasn't so much disappointed that she ended up with Sam, it was more the change in format of this last...
153. Zaggnita
Whoa whoa whoa.....there now needs to be a sci-fi list, because Flash Gordon is awesome. Just pointing...
21. trajn23
"Suydam apparently wrote a pamphlet on Kabbalah and the Faustus legend, which sounds fascinating though...
69. Shannon Halteman
Looks so interesting! Can't wait to get my eyes on it! :)
152. mrcemetery
Some great ones listed in the comments, but one that is missing and should fully be represented: YELLOWBEARD!
MaGnUs von Tesla
22. lordmagnusen
One of the best TNG episodes up to the point. But Krad, I get why you label Finn a "terrorist" (attacking...
68. amy taylor
love Chloe Niell's series. I wait impatiently for my Kindle to load each new book. I would love to have...
20. trajn23
@16 Angiptorus

RE: Suydam's Weight,

Lovecraft packed on quite a bit of weight during his time...
116. OmicronThetaDeltaPhi
Oh, and I forgot to add one more thing:

Having any kind of TOS Rewatch right after the passing away...
115. OmicronThetaDeltaPhi
@62 I'm not sure whether Kieth was entirely serious, when he said '5 years is an eternity on the internet'....
Kimani Rogers
76. KiManiak
Jeremy@73 - I also find it rather unlikely that if the woman in the drawing is Shalash, that she is...
67. Tyhitia
Count me in! It'll be so cool to win!
19. Jaime Chris
@REmrys: That's so cool! In what branch of psychology do you work? My mom has her doctorate in clinical...
1. gold
Ya i have the first comment
65. RLBrown
Cool. I missed the beggining. Me likes second chances.