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Sasha P
4. AeronaGreenjoy
No rage against Dareon for calling Sam a craven when you and everyone else have wanted to convince him...
Adam S.
Hmmmm....Leigh, you've already commented on Egg being Maester Aemon's brother:
" In other news, ohhh,...
24. djizeus
@21 - I think we all hear you, but I assume (possibly wrongly) that most of us had read this scene years...
15. icanhasopinion
Bone claws? In the last Wolverine movie, I think his admantium claws were sheared off by the bad guy....
23. SKM
Also, I thought the scene of Tyrion sending Shae away was actually a great lead-in to the upcoming "search...
Jeroen van Berkel
67. Heronimus Rex
I love it when cruel people get murdered. Joffrey was cruel and Shae was cruel too. No doubt about it....
2. litg
Well, based on last chapter Sam's dad is on the other side of the continent, so hopefully that's too...
1. Xenoborg
The mentioned forward is at the start of book 5, A Dance with Dragons, and also present as an afterword...
23. Dan Chak
I have had little respect for this network since they canceled Farscape. Why couldn't HBO get it?
3. StoneyC
Thank you, Nicola. As always, another fine-minted story.
Walker White
4. Walker
Why are you still claiming that Talenel's sword is a spear? Where did this become canon?
22. SKM
@17--One of the stones definitely went missing. Pay close attention to the leftmost setting of the necklace....
Sydo Zandstra
18. Fiddler

The Shake storyline may seem to be a subplot, but it isn't. It is the same with the events...
66. Gregor Lewis
I absolutely agree Shae has no agency whatsoever.

But her power is undisputed - as presented in the...
Donia L
21. Donia
So am I the only one who *didn't* like the fact that Joffrey died in this episode?!

Or, to be clear,...
Nadine L.
3. travyl
I still don't really understand why the Parshendi just watch as Kaladin pulls Dalinar to safety, instead...
1. Fay
I literally found out about this poem yesterday after I took a quiz. It is really a beautiful poem!...
Gene Hutchinson
18. sukamadee
I for one enjoy the Shae arc being portrayed on the show. It's almost like they are trying to turn...
2. Sherbear
Wonderful short, left me feeling old and lonely.
7. JReynolds
I've been re-reading as we go, and at the end of "The Bloody Nine" chapter (p. 504 in my edition) there's...
Donia L
65. Donia
So am I the only one who *didn't* like the fact that Joffrey died in this episode?!

Or, to be clear,...
Deana Whitney
2. Braid_Tug
The Brandon cascade! in POV change form.
It's rather odd to have the "enemy" realize what you are...
Adam S.
Great action, BWS in his element. I was glad that the Lopen had something to do, never count out a Herdazian...
Andrew Berenson
6. AndrewHB
Brandon is so serious in the article's picture. That look seems so different than the Brandon I have...
Sydo Zandstra
17. Fiddler
I was a bit disappointed at the Olenna/Sansa necklace scene. We saw Olenna fiddling with it, but I didn't...
Jeff Cordell
33. Checkman
As I've aged (weird how that happens) I've come to look at where an author was in their life when they...
32. KatherineW
This show has been so much less than I hoped of it - I was expecting something on a level with Fringe's...