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113. Edd
I want to read the work of Ilona Andrews.
14. Lacygirl
I definitely think bringing Franco back is a must!
I was hopeful we was going to be in this one. I...
2. Athreeren
Pokémons as Jaegers? You mean, using electric types like voltorbs? If all humanity can do is sending...
66. corgidwarfdog
@65 - "Maybe the KM blinded Arya just for the halibut."

It probably shouldn't have, but I found...
karl oswald
14. Toster
"Our sister has died."

that immediately comes to mind, but it could be anything, even "I know your...
karl oswald
7. Toster
As Silchas comes upon Coltaines Eternal Fall he gives us a bit of the metaphysical reasoning behind...
10. TBGH
The only flaw I could find was the self-replicating mines are conceived, constructed (apparently without...
26. visvanathan
great well done, that it's difficult to tell if it IS just a story....good work Charles....but...
Tom Feltes
65. tomf
@52 Kip Addotta FTW! All the best fishypuns in one song.

Maybe the KM blinded Arya just for the...
9. Eduardo Jencarelli
Also, this was the day Allan Kroeker cemented himself as Star Trek's most valuable director, bringing...
8. Eduardo Jencarelli
Call to Arms was Trek's finest season finale ever done in the 24th Century TNG era. This was better...
7. elijahzg
Now THIS is DS9 as DS9 was meant to be. Every beat worked perfectly, and I imagine that when it first...
Chris Nelly
12. Aeryl
@10, You make good points. Also, think back to the ONLY established mention of the needle, when Jubal...
5. mutantalbinocrocodile
Sorry to be a buzzkill, but I'm not particularly keen on officially including this story in ASOIAF....
6. Captain Sheridan
@2 - I always thought that too and just figured there were gunners located somewhere besides Ops and...
Boyd Abernathy
11. gratefuldad1121
On a particularly lighter note...I'm shocked that there is someone that reads this blog that has not...
Jason Parker
10. tarbis
Looking at this summary of the needle plot I can't see a way it wouldn't have been offensive regardless...
Chris Nelly
9. Aeryl
@8, That's Minear's story, I heard him talk about it at the Browncoats Unite roundtable they recorded...
5. Mr. Magic
Knowing what's coming the second time around, I also love the three-way conversation between Dukat,...
Angela Korra'ti
3. annathepiper
Neat excerpt! I'll be checking this one out.

And yeah, that cover's beautiful!
4. Russell H
Re the Royal Naval College/National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, that was also the site used for the...
4. Mr. Magic
It's interesting how both DS9 and VOY ended their respective seasons (3 and 5) in the summer of 1997...
5. Kristien
I agree with you guys, Lords of the Fallen looks promising and I think it can be one of the best action-RPG...
Anthony Pero
8. anthonypero
Actually, it doesn't say he treated her with respect, it says he finally treated her with the "respect...
Ed Freshwater
65. nakafre
@ homing-beacon conversation - I really like this idea! However, I think it is a little advanced to...
Mary Kay Kare
2. MaryKay
Sounds excellent. I have just pre-ordered it!
Mike Redlan
3. Redlander
What I remember most about this episode (other than the great set pieces and character moments) is the...