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31. KatherineW
I agree, and I'm surprised you think it's so controversial an opinion. The humour and the emotional...
120. Melissa Hurst Smith
count me in
Lee VanDyke
9. Cloric
I'm rather surprised the creepiness of Grown Man Sisko placing his head on Not Really Mom Sarah's bosom...
Kristen Templet
8. SF_Fangirl
I'm not much fond of Klingons (although Jadzia and Worf worked as a couple), but the I remember with...
30. Kurmy
"Last year's Inglourious Basterds"....?

Did you start this post in 2010?
Phyllis Wirick
16. WDWParksGal
Gah! Can I just skip reading the storylines that contain anything about the "Children (not remotely)...
7. McKay B
"Considering the last time the Prophets asked something of him, his son almost died, I wouldn’t blame...
5. Vproject
Oh, also I read the comments again and I forgot to mention Stephen Lee, scumbag 'Nuke' addicted cop...
j p
15. sps49
20 million is a low figure. And I think Putin sees it as a good start.
119. Lauren Goskie
It would be so cool to win this.
158. Lauren Goskie
It would be so cool to win this.
4. Vproject
Stumbled across this after seeing Robocop 2 today and a particular familiar actor seen in several very...
118. John Herman
I want this book!
156. Jennifer Herman
I would love to win this!
117. Jennifer Herman
I would love to win this!
6. hoopmanjh
Cole & Bull have at least one really great banter about Krem -- worth tracking down on YouTube if...
3. Hludus
Damn, was hoping for Emma Stone. But this still looks like a great cast, I can't wait.
68. Shlee
There's a WoB in which Brandon said the horneater lake and the elantris pool are "the same thing." I'm...
Noneo Yourbusiness
14. Longtimefan
I could have sworn that Moirianne says that not all ravens are reporting for the Dark One but that he...
Helen Lowe
18. HelenL
I would add:

- the ice-age world of Michael Scott Rohan’s “Winter of the World” series
- Tiamat...
1. Maya Koegel
“Write. Finish things. Go for walks. Read a lot and outside your comfort zone. Stay interested. Daydream....
155. Brenda Cushman
It would be fantastic always have been intrigued with Sasquatch! Thanks for the giveaway Tor.
10. ngogam
I've never been able to work out what's going on at the end of this story before. It never occurred...
Bridget McGovern
17. BMcGovern
@15: You're absolutely right, on both counts! We hope everyone up north is keeping safe and warm (and...
16. jcampbell
i know it's not technically a world but I can't help but think of the north in a song of ice and fire....
Walter L
63. wlangendorf
As many have mentioned, Stephen R Donaldson does this. I love his books, but a fair description of...