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3. sofrina
top to bottom, your recaps are perfection. they are a great laugh.
43. NickH
No matter how questionable their aim might be, stormtroopers are certainly intimidating aren't they?
41. Jen Graham
This would look fantastic in a frame for our Living Room !! Be an Awesome surprise cor my Family!!
18. Ashcom
Also, there's a problem with the universal translator. Presumably it turns off when we are listening...
40. kodiak
That would have a place of honor in the house!
38. Kristian Sorensen
This would be a beautiful addition to my man-cave, framed! Thanks for the chance!
12. gadget
@7 - That actually would have been a smart plan, but I see no evidence that the 'safe place' envisioned...
497. Connor g
I'm not sure I can say me please loud enough.
Scott Wooldridge
495. dr_k42
Nice set! Would like to get my group to play this
Joseph Ash
61. TedThePenguin
The first time this series really got me going was the end of DG, with Coltaine, Duiker, and the rest...
36. BirdlandFan88
Order is the way of the Empire.
17. Ginomo
As much as I like Worf and Jadzia together, I did not like Odo and Kira. It just felt lazy, like the...
491. arob87
Got my mistborn book signed by him, would love adventure game!
Tabby Alleman
20. Tabbyfl55
I'm getting more than a little suspicious of how tolerant Godzilla is of Cthulhu living in his ocean....
35. Troy Duncan
I would love that to hang in my collection room.
59. Reader
What an odd perspective to draw from this book.
I'd wager a fiver that you wouldn't slam Stanley Kubrick...