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Ben Johnston
7. AlcairNovall
@2 While I'm uncertain about the source of Forgery's Investiture I would suspect that it and Aon'dor/whatever...
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168. Grow up!
Okay let the fun begin
1.) it's a movie! It's meant for entertainment! It's not meant to satisfy your...
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1. Dr. Amy "Aloha"
Dear John,
I would love to play this game (and loving your "thinking outside the box" promos (did you...
Ryan Dick
37. Wilbur
@36 Ted, I also look forward to some explanation of what was the backstory for B&B. As a book it...
Michael Johnston
64. JohnstonMR
If it needs to be a person, and the majority of folks are convinced Lovecraft isn't a good one, then...
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47. Owlay
I'm a bit tired now, so I'll only post one thing today. (I'll post the rest tomorrow.)

Re: Florian...
Karin L Kross
4. KarinKross
I am obliged to point out—and I apologize for not doing it in the article—that the opening chapter...
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4. Bluejay
"he took on the more appropriate cultural icon, where he could shoot the baddies while still being a...
carl termini
2. carltermini
@Bluejay - Infamous could be applied. Janet's only real defining Avengers moments, aside from founding...
Eric McCabe
34. Zizoz
@31: I thought Hoid was doing the lightweaving there. Feel free to correct me if there's good evidence...
Adam S.
Very cool! We keep getting little drribbles of info from BWS, and it's always interesting!
Much of...
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63. AlanHK
Octavia Butler as a symbol of the "World Fantasy Award"??

She was not a great fantasy writer. She...
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62. Owlay
Grrrrrrrrr, me hate Walder Frey so much! He's a big, old, stinking bastard! Reading about his deeds...
Adam S.
33. MDNY
@32 Lift clearly has very little idea what the hell is going on. She calls Wyndle a "voidbringer" and...
Janice Boyd
5. scaredicat
Oh yes! -- we need a discussion between Robin Hobb and Megan Lindholm. Do you suppose we could get...
Ellery McNaughton
46. hauturu
Regarding the whole expulsion and wands thing, when Harry gets expelled in OOTP his expulsion...
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45. avbreaksbad
Congrats! I've only got one piece of advice, and I know my wife agrees, us both having given this...
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17. axilet
When I was eleven, a good friend loaned me a Dragonlance book - Dragons of Winter Night. That book,...
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32. Xaladin
@4 Re. spren inintiate bonds: Was it that way for Lift, too? Lift seems to think she initiated her "voidbringer"...
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135. Candie L
I love anything todo with Sherlock Holmes. thank you
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31. Xaladin
With Pattern locked and so far away from the middlefest place, how was Shallan able to Lightweave in...
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62. Ashbet
Yeah, Marion Zimmer Bradley (as much as I enjoyed some of her work as a teen and younger adult) is right...
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22. Trike
And Lord Business listens to him, considers what he says, and changes his mind. When was the last time
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78. bibliothekla
I'm ridiculously excited about this. I stumbled on the 1st reread about 1/2way through and sort of lurked,...