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Thomas Leavitt
34. Thomas Leavitt
I just started reading this series, it is definitely available as a ebook, via Open Roads Media (am...
Thomas Leavitt
62. Shlee
I can just imagine him saying the first oath. "Life before death, because obviously, if I wanted to...
Christopher Bennett
21. ChristopherLBennett
@20: Hmm, "Danube" wouldn't dub over "Ganges" that well because the lips close at the end to pronounce...
Meredith Peruzzi
39. MeredithP
@37: My assumption is that the Uhura-Spock relationship is providing the romance somebody seems to think...
David Foster
61. ZenBossanova
If Brandon was not planning it, we ought to beg him for it. Sebrarial would be a hilarious KR.
Meredith Peruzzi
20. MeredithP
Regarding "Gander" being a river as well as a goose - yes, of course. But I suspect most people think...
Chris Nelly
18. Aeryl
The issue isn't the portrayal. It's that it's the ONLY portrayal of a POC for the show. If there were...
Nick Hlavacek
60. Nick31
@46 - Thank you for posting that!! Although the answers Brandon gives always leave me with more questions...
Thomas Leavitt
43. Gepeto
@82: About the excerpt you posted...

There you were, such a champion, so loved. And everyone hates...
Kate Nepveu
35. katenepveu
Athreeren, it seems it may have been possible for Woodhope to sue Norrell--Lord Byron's friend states...
Alice Arneson
59. Wetlandernw
Twenty @55 - No, I think they made it to Urithiru okay. At least, there's a bit in Ch. 87 about word...
Alice Arneson
42. Wetlandernw
I agree that up to this point, Elhokar has been less than inspiring from our perspective. However......
Thomas Leavitt
101. Kara S
I need new books to read! Thanks for the chance to win.
Kaleb Russell
7. KTheLastMan
This was such a beautiful story. Older's prose are unlike anything I've ever read. His read like music...
Thomas Leavitt
95. Stacey K
thanks for the chance to win!
Thomas Leavitt
128. Melissa Hurst Smith
Count me in, my daughter would love this!
Thomas Leavitt
72. Ragnarredbeard
About the fire thing, I would note that molten gold is not fire.

Also, there are a number of times...
Thomas Leavitt
34. Athreeren
@14: I did the same, but David Tennant doesn't work all the time. Hartnell on the other hand is spot...
Ashley W
126. a_neonta
Full disclosure: I want a copy for a Bigfoot-obsessed friend.
Thomas Leavitt
9. Colin R
Using the actual initial X-Men team would be a bad idea. The original X-Men were lesser Kirby/Lee...
Thomas Leavitt
125. Kara S
This book sounds like a fun and interesting read!
Thomas Leavitt
93. Leanne Scherp
I'd like to read this.
Sherry McKay
99. reno2014
I have heard this book is really good, read some reviews on it. I would love to have a chance to win....
Sherry McKay
92. reno2014
This sounds like an action packed novel. Would love to have a chance to win it. Thank you