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Jonathan Andrew Sheen
2. Jonathan Andrew Sheen
There's way more wrong with this article than I'm willing to take time to engage with, primarily radiating...
Jonathan Andrew Sheen
1. jak3
Great piece! Love this show so much, beautiful ending in every way (not just the final scene).
Jonathan Andrew Sheen
23. RuthM
We absolutely loved Hozuki no Reitetsu, and would really like more . . . but I suppose they wrapped...
Kelly Schweighauser
1. Schweighsr
Lovely post.

I remember telling my mother that I no longer believed in Santa Claus so she could stop...
Ruthanna Emrys
24. R.Emrys
trajn23 @ 22, AnneMPillsworth @ 23: It's not so much any one of the people listed--though they all sound...
Talia T
23. TaliaG
One of the few episodes where I actually LIKED the time-loop plot device.
@10 Exactly. I thought they...
Talia T
54. TaliaG
@29. Yes, I wondered about that. Wasn't one of my favorites, but would have prefered to see it rather...
Jonathan Andrew Sheen
1. AMPillsworth
Bones looks good; also Sulu, because you can't really see his sweater.

However, I've seen way scarier...
Jonathan Andrew Sheen
106. Jane H
Thanks for introducing me to all these new books. It is now my favorite genre. Merry Christmas.
Jonathan Andrew Sheen
23. AMPillsworth
trajn23 @ 22 I'm with Mr. Silverberg, and I'd especially like to talk to Yiang-Li, also one of the beetle...
Jonathan Andrew Sheen
85. Hodor2
Thanks Fid. I guess I still don't see it. I have been through this battle 3 times now and I find myself...
Sydo Zandstra
31. Fiddler

Plus, we are at The Star Scroll now, and the commander of the Guards accompanying that diplomatic...
Sydo Zandstra
84. Fiddler
Welcome, Hodor.

I had that same problem.

The way I see it, Lightfall is situated on a part of...
Christopher Bennett
114. ChristopherLBennett
@112: Sorry, but "the Jedi" could easily be a collective reference for the Jedi Knights as a whole....
Pirmin Schanne
42. Torvald Nom
@40: I'm not sure whether cause and effect are the right denomination for the relationship between spren...
Jonathan Andrew Sheen
83. Hodor2
First time poster here. I am on my 3rd re-read of TCG. Can somebody help me with the geometry of Lightfall?...
David Levinson
8. DemetriosX
@7 Horto
I also hope Justin is planning on reading the standalones. They give us a lot of interesting...
Jonathan Andrew Sheen
30. Hanev
Mary Beth -- you probably won't see this since you posted so long ago, but one of the things I loved...
Jonathan Andrew Sheen
15. afrai
Thanks for the rec! I hadn't realised The Blest Surprize was locked to AOOO users only, so I have now...
Alice Arneson
41. Wetlandernw
Windspren @38 - I don't think they're the same at all. Taravangian's representative had a Soulcaster,...
thistle pong
253. thistlepong

I'd thought about Shehyn, but figured it might still be worth mentioning the beginning...
Alice Arneson
40. Wetlandernw
Zen @39 - "Because if we are going to say fabrials trap spren, then we have to admit these are traps...
Jonathan Andrew Sheen
10. Daltexmusic
I guess I'm the opposite of all of the others on here, but I thoroughly enjoy the show. Th first few...
Jonathan Andrew Sheen
112. JB Harshaw
Well stated.

One thing you (and apparently everyone else) seems to have missed, or at least left...