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248. AEKZ2
I've been wanting to read these books.
247. Trisha McKee
This would be a great win, thank you for the chance.
Gruntle .
29. Gruntle
Corporal Clasp crawled up beside him "That's one of them Fuckerals isnt't it?"
18. LissaMonster
My first additions to this list were also Jim Hines' Stepsister Scheme books and Ursula Vernon's (writing...
Bryce Blackham
48. Xaladin
Maybe Shallan's involvement with the Ghostbloods will put her into some sort of confrontation of Amaram....
12. LissaMonster
I totally agree with the suggestion about Jim Hines' Stepsister Scheme books! Fabulous!!

I'd like...
Bryce Blackham
47. Xaladin
Maybe Shallan's involvement with the Ghostbloods will put her into some sort of confrontation of Amaram....
Bryce Blackham
46. Xaladin
@above, yeah I don't see her caring either, but the consequences could still do something to their relationship.

Buddy Garrett
245. garrettsambo
I would love to read the trilogy. It sounds great.
19. Eduardo Jencarelli
@7 Using Friends-esque titles is a good call.

To me, it's "The One where Kira screams NO at the climax...
Keith DeCandido
90. krad
There's an old song by The Band from 1976 or so that starts with the lines, "She stands on the bank...
18. Bookworm1398
I don't know if this episode rates as low as a 1 on its own, but considering the story arc it's leading...
243. Amy Kincade
Looks like a great series of books. I can't wait to read them.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
89. Lisamarie
There isn't much for me to add at this juncture (I have really enjoyed reading CLB's comments on optimism...
242. Mia J
I would be thrilled to win these books. Thanks for the chance.
241. SavannahB
Loooove these books, would loooooooove the box set!
22. McKay B
@21: Good thought. It did just seem way too convenient for SHIELD to have a new super-competent operations...
222. Mandie
Star Wars is life and I just recently had an entire marathon. I would love to have this on my wall....
35. KatherineW
Another comment - I like that, upon first reading Prisoner of Azkaban, it seems like Snape is massively...
Pat Hayes
70. SCTechSorceress
The excerpt was fascinating. I am holding off on buying it for two reasons
1) It would be cool to...
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
35. Lisamarie
I was looking forward to the commentary on this one and it didn't dissapoint :) This was one of the...
34. KatherineW
"And you know Remus is angry because he’s not even bothering to consider a different plan of action;...
Meredith Peruzzi
1. MeredithP
As someone who also thrills to cats turning up unexpectedly, this is the finest cat-servant ever documented....
Jackie Womack
24. JMaren
Sounds really interesting, a little like a darker version of Huff's Enchantment Emporium books.