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74. matkeltri
Love graphic novels!
3. SrSer
Is it going to be a kindle version?
Richard Schatz
73. schatzfam
I have never read a graphic novel.
Jarmila Kašparová
105. Tessuna
@104: you're absolutely right - next time I'll talk about that thing, I use those exact words :)

6. Jencendiary
I see the fanpoodles have arrived. Making women 'problems to be solved' instead of engaging characters...
71. Brett Hodgson
Sounds like a great read!
98. Brett Hodgson
Sounds like a great read!
96. Tim H. Moss
Good deal, count me in!
72. bunn
He has done some crazy stuff
Shariq Ansari
5. DarkeSword
I read a ton of superhero books every week (almost exclusively DC stuff), and I gotta say, this was...
Alice Arneson
32. Wetlandernw
Oy. It's been a long day. Finally, finally, able to comment.

Is Ym really dead? There’s at least...
9. Michael Tanaka
I am so moved by your article about Paul and Jackie, Vincent. Knowing their story… their love story...
5. Johnny Faw
Her last line is 'At the very least, Moffat seems to realize (one hopes) that not treating her as such...
71. Sibie
Oh, I so can't wait to read this
1. Eugene R.
I was persuaded to start running games again by Apocalypse World, and I had the same initial worry,...
Glen V
31. Ways
MikeyRocks @23
Most definitely.

JoeH42 @24
Yep. Nale/Darkness did follow the laws of Azir because...
4. GarrettC
@1: Emily never says that Moffat said it was a mistake to keep Clara from being an agent in her own...
70. Matthew Fava
hoping this is the 1 in x that I have been waiting for
Brenda Elsner
94. brat52101
Looks like a great read!!! Thanks for the chance to win it!!!
Adeline Chan
5. chocolatte
Wow! This makes me want to get back into the series. This is kind of confusing setting-wise in the context...
Lee Anderson
3. DSNiner
Is allowing your staffer to take a published article and twist it to suit her biased agenda the best...
30. Xaladin
Taravangian, Amaram, Szeth, Darkness etc. are creepy and misguided, and maybe evil, but the only character...
Chi Shannon
70. anastasiafall
I'm always up for a good, rich fantasy :)
Chi Shannon
93. anastasiafall
Doctor Who meests Sherlock is something I have to read!!!! :)
13. Diana Bayer
Robert Sheehan for Hyacinth, JArad PAdaleki from Supernatural for Jocelyn, and Angelina Jolie for Melisandra,...