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8. a1ay
Rather entertained by reading recently "A Game of Battleships" which successfully spoofs, simultaneously,...
April Moore
53. aprildmoore
@42 - The "ending" of "The Eye of the World" was an intentional "red herring," because it reflected...
Don Barkauskas
52. bad_platypus
RustyM @50: Following the rules as described at the Hugo site, in your scenario (only one "unworthy"...
57. Alan Heuer 2.0
It is an absolute travesty that the entire series got nominated for best novel of 2013. The decision...
33. Mike Tempest
Here's something nobody else seems to notice either: In that scene with the broom-jinxing, Snape and...
11. Ana-kin
It very well could be part of that AT AT. And here is why: Just because Darth Vader, the Emperor, their...
54. Loren Palmer
grand daughter will enjoy, thanks
Colin Bell
51. SchuylerH
@50: My understanding is that you would rank the four you like first in order of preference, then put...
50. RustyM
I've been reading up on the voting system used to award the Hugos, and I want to make sure I have something...
Rich Bennett
49. Neuralnet
I am surprised at how few people actually nominated novels... It is so easy to do and very inexpensive...
48. Kat W.
I am so happy Wheel of Time is nominated! It deserves to win, it has been such a formative part of my...
Christopher Bennett
45. ChristopherLBennett
@44: I don't think the show is ever going to revert to what it was before. The team doesn't have a huge...
Ryan Dick
14. Wilbur
@13 Hex, I am slogging slowly through Blood and Bone now, and I still have Assail to go. You give me...
Elisabeth Randow
56. ladyMacbeth
Yay!! Leigh, it worked! We got WoT nominated for Best Novel!
carol bondell
53. csbondell
this looks like a good book and would love to win for my grandkids
44. JonAllanson
Again, I seem to have a largely different experience of this show than most who have been posting here,...
7. WaywardScooterGirl
Beautiful. All caught up in the imagery and local landmarks, the narrator's twist from tracked to tracker...
35. JonAllanson
OK, so I'm a bit late to this discussion, but after reading through the comments, I just wanted to add...
47. Noor
I find it strange that people are questioning the desicions of the Hugo committee when the voting is...
Steven Halter
46. stevenhalter
I look forward to the Hugo packet so that I can read the works that I haven't yet.
Colin Bell
45. SchuylerH
@19 & 43: I will admit to being one of those people who invariably avoid Del Rey style epic fantasy....
Kevin Baijens
44. ImRhoven
"My point was that the commenter to whom I responded very likely had no more awareness of this work...