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15. Oliver_C
I always found it interesting that Gargunza's desire "to live forever in a perfect body" was such that...
24. Andrew Wells
I think a remake of Planet of the apes would be great and bring such a fresh flavour. I wasn't alive...
42. Mary Anne
I have mostly just watched the reincarnation of Dr Who. I loved the ninth doctor and was devastated...
Adrian Bologan
29. Tarash_bulba
But if Tavore didn't knew what the dagger would do, how did she know that after giving it blood (elder...
Captain Hammer
37. Randalator
re: tainted Rand (ooooooOOOOOOoooooH)

What, ridiculous mood swings, paranoia, and a freaking voice...
36. AleksisMichael
the eye of the world was a pure source of not just the one power, but it quite possibly held bits and...
11. JBL
In the book JACK COLE's DEADLY HORROR, a collection of the famed "Plastic Man" artist's work for the...
4. Richard W
I think my favourite part of this book - it was Before They Are Hanged rather than The Blade Itself...
Captain Hammer
9. Randalator
But would a ricasso be an actual practical feature of that type of sword (fighting style wise), as opposed...
Captain Hammer
35. Randalator
Re: Compulsion

As was mentioned by others already, Aes Sedai operate on a sliding scale of Compulsionicity...
34. birgit

Where did the Fade's horse go? Can it ride the shadows, too?

What I like about the early chapters...
Francesco Paonessa
1. ErrantKnave
Maybe pulling an all-nighter to finish a painting is affecting my reactions a bit, but the trailer for...
Keith DeCandido
16. krad
Quoth Christopher: "I have just as little sympathy for Chadwick's attitude that being a criminal negates...
7. FDS
Finally got around to watching this (was frankly shocked this summer to even see any kind of review-ish...
Glen V
10. Ways
Kaladin @emo
Please get over it. You're in the army now. Be all that you can be.

This excerpt,...
15. Rancho Unicorno
I hadn't placed this with VGR S4 - but I'm several episodes into the season and Scorpion and Secen already...
Glen V
59. Ways
Geordielass @48
Good questions. I got nothin'. I do like the idea that Aimian shadows pointing the...
3. k blodgett
Didn't get to watch the second half of last season, but I'll start here anyway. I agree about the music,...
Tricia Irish
33. Tektonica
"Men wear many names, many faces. Different faces, but always the same man. Yet no one knows the Great...
Stephen Jacobs
32. -//-
I also believe Jordan hadn't quite figured out how his magic system was supposed to work. I actually...
88. Josh Luz
Feast always seemed like it ended so abruptly. And so did this Read.

I'd recommend the wrap up post...
Christopher Bennett
9. ChristopherLBennett
@8: I don't think Batman has a death wish. Death is the very thing that Batman is fighting against....
Christopher Bennett
14. ChristopherLBennett
@7: What happened on VGR was not the responsibility of DS9's producers. The shows had separate staffs,...
Chris Nelly
23. Aeryl
To touch back on Menzies performance, it has been an absolute delight to see him sink his teeth into...
David Goldfarb
27. David_Goldfarb
@20: Well, although Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright certainly were the parent figures in the nuclear...
10. MTCarpenter
Regarding where is Peck Valley, probably the best person to direct the question to is Donovan K. Loucks,...
8. Cybersnark
@2. Though I've been thinking for a while now that Batman(*) is borderline suicidal. In his case, however,...
8. Hurley
This is just brilliant! Nice world building with a human story. Feel good ending as well!