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Shannon Tao
6. Shannon Tao
Thank you for posting! Your last words of advice were quite beautiful. I think for me at this point,...
Theresa Wymer
13. Tekalynn
Nitpick: Illyria isn't made up, it's the Dalmatian coast.
Anthony Pero
78. anthonypero

I will admit I thought the last line didn't match up to the original, but the link shows its...
JJ Eberly
9. JohnBem
I read Brian Lumley's novel The Transition of Titus Crow (1975) back in 2013, but at that time I hadn't...
Shannon Tao
81. Richard Hicks
Something I want to read!
Shannon Tao
7. IlyaP
Any information as to why Holt decided to finally reveal this information?
Shannon Tao
26. Tracy Chapman
I'm sorry, why is this author still given a forum? Is it because Ms. MacFarlane works here? Must be....
Elspeth Murphy
14. minealready
I'm without words. This was beautiful. Thank you.
Shannon Tao
80. Cindy L
Looks like a winner to me!
Keith DeCandido
86. krad
The Hera didn't have an all-Vulcan crew. In fact, the Hera was captained by La Forge's Mom.....

Christopher Bennett
18. ChristopherLBennett
@17/FSS: Oh, please, no. I really dislike the tendency to try to lump two similar races together. It's...
Shannon Tao
8. CPRoark
If they wanted to be really meta, and justify a reboot, they should do Galaxy Quest: The Next Generation....
Shannon Tao
79. Sandra smothers
Count me in!
Shannon Tao
32. McKay B
If Vasher IS Ishar, then his personal timeline would have to proceed like this:

1. He's an Herald,...
Micah Brooks
3. Railroader
Movie looks promising.
Guy in the screen grab looks like Val Kilmer.
Shannon Tao
6. Graham Warnken
Haha, this will take some getting used to—I've always pictured Parker as a woman for whatever reason,...
Shannon Tao
9. Nick77

Oh my goodness. You win. I laughed harder at those than at the article in its entirety....
F Shelley
17. FSS
has anyone tried to tie Charlie X and the Thasians in with the Q continuum? just wondering...

8. hoopmanjh
This is also the story that provided several key elements to Brian Lumley's Titus Crow books -- De Marigny...
Shannon Tao
16. McKay B
I'm with @1 -- regardless of acting quality, this episode was just plain unsatisfying for me. Perhaps...
Joseph Newton
15. crzydroid
Anakin in "Attack of the Clones" always reminded me a little bit of Charlie here.
Mason Matchak
7. MasonTMatchak
Is it wrong that I really want to see this do a crossover with Redshirts? If they're both going to...
Ed Nemmers
77. saturdaynightfever
I would like to read the work of Emily Schultz!
Shannon Tao
14. bookworm1398
Reading Keith's review of this episode did make me think of Stranger in a Strange Land - the story told...
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
6. Lisamarie
First the Zoolander sequel, then the Full House reboot, and now this... (although I am a tiny bit skeptical...unless...
Del C
1. del
Everywhere that kid goes in acting, people must say "you look just like Thomas Brodie-Sangster!" I...
Shannon Tao
122. Morn1960
Mulgrew wasn't even close to being the best actress who tried out, she is not a great actress. I understand...