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Nathan Martin
3. lerris
We're at 2 for 2 good episodes after the original 16-episode order ended. Whatever they added to the...
K Parsons
53. Avlonnic
...and this is why we wait anxiously each week for the posting. Per usual, you were entertaining and...
Rob Munnelly
52. RobMRobM
Yes, Lyseni generally equates to silvery hair. Lys is located close to Valyria and all that.
Luis Milan
34. LuisMilan
@28 Count me in. A weekly post should be enough to give us brief recaps of Gotham, Agents of Shield,...
Joseph Newton
51. crzydroid
@50: Well, I guess it does say she has silvery hair. I think I read it as black for some
Rob Munnelly
369. RobMRobM
Me too. Only issue is that Aemon was convinced Dany was PTWP rather than AA.
Evanesca Feuerblut
14. Evanesca Feuerblut
Finally getting the Cockroach thing thanks to your reread! The German translator made "Cockroach Cluster"...
Tom Smith
33. phuzz
I too am sad we won't be getting recaps of AoS anymore, but perhaps we could just have a weekly discussion...
Evanesca Feuerblut
13. Ddog
I always felt like when Molly sent Hermione the small egg it was for Ron and Harry. I felt like she...
368. Ryamano
@ 365

Me too, especially when acquiring those dragons has a proccess that's similar to the legend...
Francis Uy
211. Foobar
Mostly a decent list, but Highlander should be in the top 10. There was only one (Highlander movie,...
Evanesca Feuerblut
26. zenihama
I loved the way this book (first one by Scalzi I've read) challenged my thinking on so many levels....
Christopher Bennett
8. ChristopherLBennett
@5: Like I said, it's hard to find any 2D-animated shows or films anymore. They're seen as outmoded...
Evanesca Feuerblut
367. bookworm1398
@366. I don't remember exactly where, but Davos does ask him how he justified rebelling against his...
Evanesca Feuerblut
19. Benllama
What struck me the most with this episode: Kirk never gets his mind reprogrammed back. So what if forever...
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
12. Lisamarie
Also. Molly. Man, that sucked. Not only does she stiff her on the egg, you know she's making a point...
Glen V
19. Ways
Heraldic Symbolism
This chapter is tough. Kaladin is doing some guiding, as in counseling Pitt. Pretty
Evanesca Feuerblut
50. Annara Snow
@39: "I also thought the knight might be Jorah, given the bear emblem. I guessI was surprised to find...
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
11. Lisamarie
Fudge is just replacing one form of fear mongering with another, though. An easier target, I suppose.
Anthony Pero
7. anthonypero
Been watching this with my daughter. Haven't watched the finale yet, because, time. She twigged to Fulcrum...
Evanesca Feuerblut
36. Tom Donaldson
I've always been fascinated by "General Order 24". Wow, a simple voice command and the "entire inhabited...
Steven Halter
49. stevenhalter
Probably the place that Tyrion could help Dany out the most in right now (unless she leaves the city)...
48. Ryamano
Now, that's without getting into the fact that Tyrion is a fugitive wanted for murder, kinslaying and...
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
366. Lisamarie
@363 - yeah, he is probably pretty comitted to the Baratheon line as 'legitimate'. Which is itself...
Joseph Cook
10. Jobi-Wan
Sometimes I wonder if there’s more than just “incense” clouding the air in Trelawney’s classroom.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
47. Lisamarie
@22 - RobM - I will say, regarding Jon, that reading the Mereenese Blot essays did help shed a lot of...
Evanesca Feuerblut
1. Xena Catolica
A very enjoyable story--thank you.
Evanesca Feuerblut
46. a1ay
44: in Dorne, as anywhere else, offspring inherot before siblings.No question about it. Quentyn Martell,...
Rob Munnelly
45. RobMRobM
Re Tyrion chapter
- greyscale - yuck - but my mind always thinks about what it means for poor little...