Aug 6 2014 5:40pm

Warner Bros Announces DC Comic Book Movie Release Dates Through 2020

Warner Bros. announces DC Entertainment comic book movies release dates 2020

In the past few months, competition has heated up among the major movie studios who own comic book properties to announce their lineups and rumored movies. This frenzied dibs calling ranges from Sony driving to be the first to do a female superhero-led project to (most recently) Warner Bros announcing the release dates for 10 upcoming films. Now we know when we’ll be at the movies from now until 2020.

Looks like DC finally blinked and shifted Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice from its May 2016 release opposite Captain America 3 to a new date of March 25, 2016. Oddly, they don’t have any May openings scheduled for the next six years. That’s understandable for the next few years since Marvel has gobbled up the first weekend of May from now until 2018, but it’s interesting that they’re avoiding that month even after that.

After Batman/Superman shenanigans, it’s a slew of nine untitled movies. An alleged film slate listing Warner Bros’ rumored next DC projects was leaked last month, albeit with different release dates. But if you plug in the projects in the same approximate order, here’s some guesswork as to the order of releases:

August 5: Shazam

June 23: Justice League
November 17: Wonder Woman (The aim seemed to be to release both in the same year; and there’s a solid amount of time between June and November. Then again, this could be the spot for the Sandman movie, originally slated for Christmas 2016.)

March 23: Flash and Green Lantern (No Christmas dates for Sandman or this, as originally planned, so perhaps it’s getting pushed into spring.)
July 27: Man of Steel 2

April 5: TBD
June 14: TBD: Perhaps a new solo Batman movie?

April 3: TBD: Sandman 2?
June 19: Justice League 2? (Depending how well the first one does.)

Yeah, who knows for those four dates in 2019 and 2020. Maybe they could belong to Aquaman or Suicide Squad, though the latter was removed from DC’s slate some time ago and the former is even less developed. What do you think?

Luis Milan
1. LuisMilan
After the great success of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, maybe DC will decide to do a Doom Patrol movie.
2. Random22
Guess work is all well and good, but all we have officially from DC is a list of dates in which they profess a vague hope that maybe they'd be able to have a movie of some sort, if Marvel or anyone else doesn't beat them to it yet again. And I bet none of them are my Powergirl movie. Dammit, I want my favorite heroine on screen and it never happens!

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