Aug 8 2014 12:16pm

Universal Pictures Planning a Whole New Generation of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles Movies

Universal Pictures rights Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles books Interview With the Vampire Prince Lestat

We already knew that Universal Pictures is prepping an Avengers-style shared universe of classic monster movies, but it turns out they’re interested in more iconic vampires than just Dracula. Deadline reports that the studio has secured the rights to Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles series.

Warner Bros formerly held the rights, from which they made 1991’s Interview With the Vampire and 2002’s Queen of the Damned. So, does that mean we’ll see an Interview reboot, or will they go for the jugular with the latest installments, like Rice’s forthcoming novel Prince Lestat? After all, they’ll have access to the entire canon, plus a screenplay by the author’s son Christopher Rice, adapting her novel Tale of the Body Thief.

For that answer, you’ll have to ask Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, who in addition to helming the Universal Monsters franchise, will also produce this new venture along with Brian Grazer.

Photo: Warner Bros

Margot Virzana
2. LuvURphleb
Anything that Orci has a hand in will be most definitely avoided by me.
3. quinne
Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci?? Why, Hollywood? Why!

Why do Hollywood studios believe that Kurtzman and Orci are the only Screenwriters left in the universe?? Is it a job requirement for Hollywood executives to have absolutely no taste and no intellect whatsoever?

Orci is attached to "Locke & Key". Orci is scheduled to destroy Star Trek for yet another life-age.

Enough is enough!
Will Errickson
4. toomuchhorror
INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE was released in 1994, not 1991.

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