Aug 25 2014 10:30am

The Return of Doctor Who Sweepstakes!

Doctor Who is back (read our spoiler review of the season premiere here!), and we want to send you some Gallifreyan goodies to celebrate.

Our first prize winner will receive a prize pack that includes Inside the TARDIS: The Worlds of Doctor Who by James Chapman, The Doctor’s Monsters: Meanings of the Monstrous in Doctor Who by Graham Sleight, and New Dimensions of Doctor Who: Adventures in Time, Space, and Television edited by Matt Hills, all from I.B. Tauris!

Our second prize winner will receive a copy of Inside the TARDIS and The Doctor’s Monsters, and our third prize winner will receive a copy of Inside the TARDIS!

Comment in the post to enter!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of 50 United States and D.C., and Canada (excluding Quebec). To enter, comment on this post beginning at 10:30 AM Eastern Time (ET) on August 25. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 PM ET on August 28. Void outside the United States and Canada and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor:, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Travis Smith
1. Bisna
Very exciting! Love the good doctor!
Jamie Greene
3. Jamie Greene
Umm...yes, please? This is awesome. Thanks!
Jamie Greene
4. Gabriel Davis
This is an appealing little set of literature. Give it here, oh distributors of goods.
James Whitehead
5. KatoCrossesTheCourtyard
Would love this for my youngest. He's a wicked big Doctor Who fanboy.

Jamie Greene
7. RLBrown
I've been looking forward to a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey... stuff, and I think this is it!
Erich Eberhardt
8. eber3
I want to be the doctors companion! Count me in!
Jamie Greene
10. dwarzel
Count me in, please!
Jamie Greene
13. Pam Blome
Looks like fun stuff!
Jamie Greene
14. Bob Floy
I would enjoy any and all of these books.
Jamie Greene
15. Robert W
"'s just a nightmare. Everyone has nightmares; even big scary monsters from under the bed have nightmares, don't you, monster?"
Jamie Greene
17. wbogacz
Please count me in for this.
Jamie Greene
18. Lizzy1776
Count me in!
Jamie Greene
22. samspade221
Yes, please.
Michael Carter
25. Mcart
Please enter me in this sweepstakes.
Jamie Greene
26. August Kroll
Love Doctor Who!!!
Jamie Greene
28. srizzo00
Why not? :)
Jamie Greene
29. mr_sabani
I loved the new epsiode and I would love to win the sweepstakes!
Jamie Greene
32. meggo
I mean, if you want to send me delightful Doctor Who things, who am I to stop you?
Jamie Greene
35. gleonber
American Who fan since 1979.
F Shelley
37. FSS
hello! i would like to enter, please! thanks!
Stefany _
38. stefany
I loved the season premiere! I'm excited for Doctor Who again!
Jamie Greene
39. endymion
sounds good
Jamie Greene
41. harmonyfb
Yay for celebratory prize packs!
Jamie Greene
46. whimziequiltz
Would LOVE to win! Thanks!
Jamie Greene
48. Lisa A.
I'm a big fan, so this is an excellent prize!
Jamie Greene
49. Rob Peters
Certainly something to celebrate. Count me in.
Jamie Greene
50. Milt Davies
I'll try for this. Thanks for the opportunity.
Jamie Greene
52. Athreeren
Interesting books.
Jamie Greene
53. Katie Dodd
Oh hell yes to prizes!
Jamie Greene
54. Mollie
Woo hoo! So happy the Doctor is back.
Jamie Greene
56. PerfectlyValid
My brother would love these! Count me in!
Jamie Greene
57. EricL
sweets amazings
Jamie Greene
58. Nettle
Count me in!
Jamie Greene
60. garza68
bowties are cool
Susan Deas
61. SusanD
Season 8's Episode 1 seemed to me to have a slower pace, but potential for greater depth of character development
Jamie Greene
62. bahweh
Glad to see more WHO
Jamie Greene
64. EC Spurlock
Been a Who fan since #4. Would love to have this!
Jamie Greene
67. jc1960
bigger on the inside, count me in. Thanks!
Jamie Greene
72. Margaret Rutledge
I want this cool stuff. Thanks for the contest.
Jamie Greene
73. Michael Bratek
Who does not love Dr. Who? Every series is an adventure waiting to be explored, count me in!
Jamie Greene
75. Brobostigus
Sounds good
Peter Willard
79. Bladrak
Would make a great birthday present for my wife.
Jamie Greene
80. LunaBasch
I'd like to enter, please :)
Jamie Greene
82. Woahdude
Excited for the new series. :3
Jamie Greene
85. JonW
pretty please pick me :)
Jamie Greene
87. CGR
Great giveaway! So excited about the new Doctor!
Jamie Greene
88. Heath Nantz
Jamie Greene
90. Kristy25
Great giveaway. I love all things Doctor Who!
Jamie Greene
92. Whimbrel
James Goetsch
93. Jedikalos
Just about to leave for the season premier at the movie theater!
Jamie Greene
95. Douglas32
My son and I bond over Dr. Who!
Stephen Bristow
96. Vanesmantha
I met Dr. Who once. Actually, it was a guy from the Taco Bell down the street whose name I can't remember, but he said "Hello" and so did I.
Thanks for the chance!
William Gardner
98. myangelsman09
You're never too old to love the doctor... or be the next doctor as it happens. Giveaway looks fantastical.
Jamie Greene
99. WildeWalte
Cheer up, have an ice cream
Jamie Greene
101. Kimberly B.
Ooh, I've been a fan for 30 years! Would love to win this! Thanks for the great giveaway!
Jamie Greene
102. Andrew M.
I love the new Doctor and would love some books.
Jamie Greene
104. Sheyenne Seely
Total Whovian here. Cipaldi did an awesome job!
Jamie Greene
105. Gorgeous Gary
A prize pack that's bigger on the inside!
Jamie Greene
106. Craig L
I thank Los Angeles' Channel 52, a lowly UHF station desperate to compete with Channel 13's successful Star Trek reruns so long ago for the opportunity to see OldWho (mostly #3 and #4) in its original half-hour format Monday-Friday (and the station's failure in selling ads for seeing it unedited) before Public TV stations started picking it up for two-hour weekend blocks.

So, am I a good Who fan?
Jamie Greene
108. pr0n_j3r3my
Cipaldi was fantastic, looking forward to the new season.
Jamie Greene
110. Elgion
Capaldi rocked!
Jamie Greene
111. Mallory Smith
what better way to start off the new season??
Richard Schatz
112. schatzfam
I am late to the Dr. Who party and this looks like a good starting point.
Jamie Greene
113. Michael E. Rubin
Roast beef. Bananas. The Medusa Cascade. Bang! Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Tardis. Shamble bobble dibble dooble.
Jamie Greene
115. matkeltri
This is awesome!
Jamie Greene
118. Story Cottage
I am feeling timey-wimey right now.
Charles Smith
119. csgaidin
I'm always intrigued by every dropped hint to the larger universe on the show, and these books like great for filling in some of the gaps.
Jamie Greene
120. spugwit
Finally got to see the opener last night! would love to win this!
Jamie Greene
121. patryk
huge whovian....
Jamie Greene
123. Lori Bowlin
LOVE Dr. Who!! Just watched Season 8 premiere last night at the theatre on the big screen with my two daughters. :)
Jamie Greene
124. Angela Amenta
2 Crazy Dr. Who Fans in this household! Would love this :)
Jamie Greene
125. dan malenki
Need some Jelly Babies
Jamie Greene
126. Rickie Hinrichs
Doctor who did that.
Aaron Tranes
127. Itchy
Another Whovian chiming in. My wife and I LOVE the good doctor and will read anything you send us about him and his wonderful show.
Jamie Greene
129. JenZ
OH yes!! Awesome giveaway!!
Carolyn Dileo
130. cbdileo
I will be a big hero at home if I win this! Thanks!
DeeAnn S
131. sweepster49
Been a Who fan for more years than I care to remember! Love the show, and I think Capaldi will bring a new spin on the Doctor. Thanks.
Jamie Greene
132. Mike Metzler
Thanks for the chance; my favorite show!
Brenda Elsner
133. brat52101
Thanks for the chance to win this awesome book!!!
Jamie Greene
134. Dan D
I was into Doctor Who before it was cool.... Watched it late night on PBS in the 70's Tom baker was my Doctor.
Jamie Greene
135. Melissa Snyder
Definitely would love to win this!
Jamie Greene
136. rickel bart
who's next? i hope me!
Jamie Greene
138. Shannon Baas
I would love this.
Jamie Greene
139. Bryan S.
Super excited for season 8!
Jamie Greene
141. Susan O'Bryant
Doctor Who is the best. Thanks for the giveaway!
Jamie Greene
143. Dara Nix
I am a LONG TIME Dr. Who fan and would LOVE to win this! Thanks! :)
Jamie Greene
144. Stephanie Baker
Jamie Greene
145. Edd
I would like to read the work of James Chapman!
Jamie Greene
146. Will M.
Love it! Thanks for the chance!
Jamie Greene
149. peter gladue
Yes Please!
Jamie Greene
150. runner
Groovy The Return of Doctor Who!
Jamie Greene
151. yanzlow
The form wouldn't accept my comments yesterday. Hopefully good today! Love Capaldi!
Jamie Greene
152. robyn scollo
fabulous give away
Jamie Greene
155. robyn paris
my daughter loves dr. who and would love to win this awesome prize.
Jamie Greene
157. danielle zanowic
hoping to win so I can be properly schooled in WHO
Jamie Greene
158. Faith Imler
Great contest, love the doctor, thank you!
Jamie Greene
159. Jerry J Platz
I'm a big ol' Doctor Who fan, don't you know.
Jamie Greene
160. Auriette
My husband got hooked on Doctor Who when he saw the Tom Baker story "Robot" back in the early '80s. I'd love to win this for him.
Jamie Greene
162. Trisha McKee
Love this, thank you for the chance@
Jamie Greene
164. Maggie Neilson
Who wants Dr. Who? I do! I want to be the "best of humanity".
Jamie Greene
165. Katie H.
Would love to win!
Jamie Greene
166. Cynthia S,
Love the new doctor and I would love to win!
Jamie Greene
169. Roxann
My son is a huge Whovian. I would love to win these for him.
Jamie Greene
170. Mike Stanbridge
There is too much silence in my library, I would appreciate if these tomes could materialize there.
Jamie Greene
171. zedthewizard
what? who? dr. who?
Jamie Greene
172. Loren Palmer
huge Dr. fan
Jamie Greene
176. Tim H. Moss
Good deal, count me in!
Susan Smoaks
177. susansmoaks
we are the biggest dr who fans you will ever meet, pick me!
Jamie Greene
178. trisha kilpatrick
My son loves Dr. Who! He is a true Whovian.
Jamie Greene
179. Jeff32059
Been a Dr Who fan for over 35 years and still watching.
Jamie Greene
180. Denise M
I love Doctor Who!!
Jamie Greene
182. Codeman85
Thanks for the chance!
Jamie Greene
183. Rebecca B
Still can't decide which doctor I like best!
Jamie Greene
184. Colleen W
Yes Please:)
185. jpl123456
Dr. WHO is my favorite character.
Hope I WIN.
Jamie Greene
187. Megan B
Love Doctor Who!
Jamie Greene
192. Lauren Knott
Great prize thanks!!
Natalie Vanderheiden
193. TheSunshyn
I'm a whovian from way back. This would be awesome to win!
Jamie Greene
194. Theron Willis
Being a fan of Doctor Who, I wish to construckt a pseudo-Tardis by placing a mock police box in the center of a number of Lakovsky Multi Wave Oscillator Coils. Those exposed to the electromagnetic field generated by the coils experience a feeling of time travel.

Hope to win!
Jamie Greene
195. John Bocc
Ohhh count me in!
Jamie Greene
196. Moon Moth
Twelve is great, and I love all of them, those splendid chaps!
Jamie Greene
197. MARIA simon
totally awesome !!!
Jamie Greene
199. Aaron Humphrey
I love Doctor Who books and the show. Awesome Contest
Jamie Greene
200. JenDUCK
I would be super-wife again with this one!
Jamie Greene
201. Mike Weisberg
love the doctor
Jamie Greene
202. Littleroonkanga
Would love to win this!!
Jamie Greene
203. danielle marie
i am a HUGE doctor who fan. obsessive really. would love to win.
Jamie Greene
204. Elizabeth J
Include me in. Thanks.
Jamie Greene
205. peggy greco
This is a fun contest; thanks for opportunity.
Jamie Greene
206. KelseyB
I like prizes! Prizes are cool...

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