Aug 25 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Does This Mean Our Sears Fridge isn’t a Portal to Ancient Sumer?

Nerd Approved shared this shot on their Twitter stream. We guess it would be too good to be true, escaping into a mystical paradise through a piece of furniture we bought at a Costco…but can you blame us for trying?

Morning Roundup wants to welcome you back into the week! One of the final weeks we can safely call summer. Is it just us, or did this summer fly by like sands through an hourglass that was violently hurled from a great height to smash on the unforgiving ground below? Whatever, while we wait for Fall to show up we’ll talk to you about Harry Potter, Milo Manara, and Doctor Who!

Wes S.
1. Wes S.
Well, if that cabinet isn't a gateway to Narnia, then it's horribly overpriced.

Just sayin'.
Emily Colgan
2. opentheyear
Disappointing that the Mieville article barely mentions 'Kraken'. It's like 'Neverwhere' dialed up to 11; every time I reread it I find something new to love.

Also, I love HP, but I'm going to have to see that spinoff trilogy to believe it won't be horrible. :/

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