Aug 15 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Columbo Will Be Unstoppable with a Robot Companion!

And now, not to be outdone by Sharklumbo (The Shark Who Is Also Columbo) the real Columbo meets Robby the Robot! This image, from what we’re assuming was the greatest Columbo episode ever, was shared by Matt Fraction! We just have one more question: did Robby get away with it? Or did that relentless neo-Raskolnikov prevail again?

Morning Roundup has an account of one of Robin Williams’ best roles, the latest triumph of the Guardians, and news on Jason Momoa’s adventures beneath the sea!

G. D. B. (not Ambrose Bierce)
1. SchuylerH
The episode of Columbo is the sixth of the third season, "Mind over Mayhem". Robby was reprogrammed and used as part of the murderer's alibi.
Dr. Thanatos
2. Dr. Thanatos
I suspect that Robbie, being angry over being used, committed mayhem on the nearest human (our stalwart hero) and switched his head and that of a shark.

The amazing origin of our newest superhero, Sharkolumbo...
Dr. Thanatos
3. w00master
@1 is correct. Unfortunately, it's not one of the better Columbo episodes.

That said, that image of Columbo and Robby just makes me smile. Miss my favorite TV detective (outside of Holmes, of course). I'm hoping someday they reboot Columbo with the condition they do it right. Best TV detective ever.

"Just one more question..."
Dr. Thanatos
4. AMPillsworth
Why am I suddenly daydreaming about Columbo and Caprica Six? Must be the thought of a wardrobe switch, her in the trenchcoat, him in the little red dress....
Anthony Pero
5. anthonypero

That's just... disturbing.

I'd love to see John Noble play an aging Columbo in a reboot with supernatural elements... Something like The Dresden Files but with Columbo solving supernatural mysteries in five minutes, and spending the next 80 minutes getting the supernatural baddy to trap himself...
Dr. Thanatos
6. w00master

I'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight.

Lol, love the idea and so true. That said, did you (and anyone else) see the back and forth between Gary Whitta & Mark Ruffalo in re: to rebooting Columbo on Twitter? Fun stuff. And on the record? Mark Ruffalo is the perfect guy to play Columbo in a reboot. LOOK at the guy!
Anthony Pero
7. anthonypero
I don't know if Mark Ruffalo can be crabby enough, personally. I like my Columbo befuddled but cranky...
Ron Hogan
8. RonHogan
I feel like Law & Order: Criminal Intent was steering Vincent D'Onofrio's Goren down the Columbo path deliberately at various points. There's one great scene where he actually turns away, then turns back and says, "Just one more question" (or maybe it's "just one more thing") that clinched it for me.

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