Aug 22 2014 2:30pm

Mercy Thompson Series Sweepstakes!

To celebrate the release of Shifting Shadows, a collection of short stories by Patricia Briggs set in the world of Mercy Thompson, we want to send one lucky winner the complete Mercy Thompson series in paperback. You can catch up on all of Mercy’s shapeshifting adventures before Shifting Shadows arrives from Ace on September 2nd!

Comment in the post to enter!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of 50 United States and D.C., and Canada (excluding Quebec). To enter, comment on this post beginning at 2:30 PM Eastern Time (ET) on August 22. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 PM ET on August 26. Void outside the United States and Canada and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor:, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Travis Smith
1. Bisna
Now that's a Sweepstakes. Never heard of these, they sound great though!
Tammy G
2. Tammy G
Thanks for the chance at this amazing giveaway!
Tammy G
3. DawnB
These books have been on my to read list for ages now...
Tammy G
4. Stacy Bell79
Yes please!
Tammy G
6. Taylor_11
This is awesome, love this series :)
Tammy G
8. DarylP
I had these on my list for a while.
Tammy G
10. Perene
Giving away books from Ace and promoting genre fiction regardless of publisher? This is why I love Tor!
Tammy G
12. CatKite
What an awesome prize! I've had this series on my "To Do" list for a while now.
Tammy G
13. No droppers
Sounds great!
Tammy G
14. Rachel Silberman
I AM SO EXCITED I WOULD LOVE THIS!!! I have already reviewed Shifting Shadows for those of you who would like to learn more about it:
Tammy G
16. shadowmaat
Oh gosh, this would be great! Especially since I lost most of my last collection in my last move. Perfect way to replace it and with really good timing, too!
Tammy G
17. Lisa W.
I LOVE this series. Would love to win.
Jim Nutt
19. jimnutt
Great set of books, my wife and I blew through all seven in less than two weeks
Tammy G
20. Nancy Doublin
I love Mercy and her universe. I live in Tri-Cities, too!
Tammy G
21. Erica House-Lantto
OMG...I would LOVE to own this series!!!
Tammy G
25. Adriana
Ahhhhh thanks for this chance; I love these books so much :)
Tammy G
26. Patricia L.
Yes please. I love this author :)
Tammy G
27. RobinM
Oh Boy! Pick me! Please.
Tammy G
30. Angie Thompson
Love, love, LOVE this series!!!
Tammy G
31. srizzo00
A whole series... cool!
Tammy G
33. Sherry T. Schmidt
I'm in Honolulu, and I am always eager to read about Mercy! I'm super excited about this drawing, thanks!
Tammy G
34. Candace K.
I'd love to add Mercy to my library!
Tammy G
35. Brian T
Pleeeeeease pick me. I'll hold my breath if you don't pick me.
Rob Munnelly
36. RobMRobM
Happy to. I've read excerpts and short pieces and would be happy to enjoy the whole enchilada.
Tammy G
37. DonnieM
Awesome, would love to have.
Tammy G
39. Melissa Woodroffe
I can't wait for Shifting Shadows!
Tammy G
40. Myste Morris
Love the series! Would love to win another copy of them.
Michael Carter
41. Mcart
Great sweeps!
Please enter me.
Thanks ---
Tammy G
43. Lacey Morris
My favorite series! Would love to win!
Susan Meek
44. smeek1958
This is one of my favorite series--I'd love to own the books!
Tammy G
46. CMPickard
Love Mercy!
Tammy G
48. Morgan Monahan
I'm a very big fan of Patricia Briggs. Got a lot of my friends into reading her books. And can wait for next book to come out.
Tammy G
49. Shelly Nelson
Now This is what I call a worthwhile contest. Pick me, pick me!
Tammy G
50. gustovcarl
I love it! I'm in!
Kevin K
51. glowingdark
Wow, this is a really nice giveaway. Please count me in!
Tammy G
52. Gryphon Libra
I'd love to win paper copies of this series! Aby chance the books will be signed?
Andy Warta
53. dragontrainer
Seems to be about the best way to start the series!
Tammy G
55. Brobostigus
Sounds great
Tammy G
57. Mags
I love those covers! Don't really get to appreciate them in ebook.
Tammy G
58. vanye
I've been wondering where to start. This would take care of that issue!
Tammy G
59. PaigeP
I would love to win these!
Tammy G
60. Kaila
Yes please! Thank you for the chance.
Tammy G
61. wbogacz
Wow! Lotta interest in these. Gotta check them out.
Tammy G
63. Blend
I've never read any of these - winning the whole set would be a good excuse to start!
Tammy G
64. Stephanie Edwards
I don't usually enter sweepstakes but this one excites me!
Tammy G
66. Glorybee
I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this series. I hope that Patricia Briggs never runs out of materials for this Series. I love her concept that a woman can be whatever she wants to be.
Tammy G
67. Chrissy Arguijo
Oh, how I love the Mercy series!
Tammy G
69. JD Runyan
Two things I love. Free things, and books. Even when the two things are the same thing.
Tammy G
71. EManning
This is really exciting. I am not sure which book in the series I have missed, but I have a gap and want/need to reread to find it. :-)
Tammy G
73. Lori Jo Webster
For the love of Mercy, yes!
Tammy G
74. patrick m hall
that would be AWESOME!!
Tammy G
79. Timitra
Thanks for the great giveaway!
Tammy G
80. Julie Kane
I love this series! I would love a chance to own the books since I read library books or borrowed books before.
Tammy G
82. Storyteller
Yes, please, and thank you.
Tammy G
83. Cindy N
I've always wanted to read these books! Having them all would be great to marathon!
Tammy G
84. Sonja O.
Cool. Count me in please. :)
Deana Whitney
85. Braid_Tug
Please send them my way. I've been meaning to pick her books up for quite some time. :-)
Tammy G
86. Daniel S
I've got them all in ebook, but i'll take some more real books for my shelves!
Tammy G
88. ChloeFH
Yes please! That would be a welcome addition to my bookshelves :)
Tammy G
89. JaneEfficiency
Wow - I've been meaning to start this series, as I love wolves and the Dresden series.
Count me in please!
Thank you!
Tammy G
90. Galena
Awesome giveaway!!!
Tammy G
91. EricL
a new series to get on
Tammy G
92. Laura G
Such an amazing series. Can't wait for Shifting Shadows!
Tammy G
94. Laura Peiffer
Patricia Briggs is my absolute favorite author! Love the Mercyverse!
Tammy G
96. sitarp01
I never win any of these :(

127th time lucky?
Rosemary Smith
97. RoseRedFern
I would love another set - mine are beat up from re-reads.
Tammy G
98. Nettle
Count me in!
Tammy G
100. dwarzel
Count me in, please!
Tammy G
101. TreFit
I would LOVE to have the whole set! I need to give it to my daughter.
Tammy G
103. jmarsh642
My wife and I would love these. They come highly recommended!
Tammy G
104. Sheyenne Seely
I'd love to win! Patty is my favorite author and to have the whole series together would be amazing!
Glenda Wilson
105. glinda
Wouldn't mind having these, at all!
Christine LaRue
106. LadyAnubis
I've read the first couple of installments but would love to see the series through ...
Stephen Bristow
107. Vanesmantha
I cannot find the 'off' button.
Thanks for the chance!
Tammy G
108. RLBrown
Looks like I've got a lot of catching up to do!
Tammy G
110. DanielleSBW
Mery Thompson's new book comes out on my birthday! That's one of the best presents ever :)
Tammy G
111. Dierdra
Awesome contest. Thanks.
Jack Flynn
112. JackofMidworld
I think Bone Crossed was the last one I read, so I need to catch up!
Tammy G
113. Kimberly B.
Would love to win this! Thanks for the great giveaway!
Tammy G
114. TokalaAislin
This is a great sweepstakes!
Tammy G
115. Saxster
I was just thinking about starting up on the rest of this series yesterday...
Tammy G
116. Phil Lyall
Awesome series!!
Tammy G
117. Ryan23
Filler Text Here
Bruce Arthurs
118. bruce-arthurs
Even if you already have the complete set, winning this sweepstakes will give you a great Christmas/birthday/for-the-heck-of-it present to give someone. Just sayin'.
Tammy G
119. Ruth DJ
Oh this is so cool!! Thank you!
Tammy G
120. SandyL
Yes, please! Mine have been read and re-read thay they are falling apart!
Tammy G
121. ScottC
I really want to read these books,
Tammy G
122. John Bennett10
I would love these!
Tammy G
123. Loyd Jenkins
This would be a dream come true.
Tammy G
124. tayorchristo
Oh yes. Would love to read this set.
Tammy G
126. Melissa Dalton
I would love to share my love of this series with my girls
Tammy G
127. Bonnie Swift
Mercy rocks!!
Eric Craddock
128. ebonecircus
O, Contest, I love you for you. Not for what you can give me.
Tammy G
129. 4tothefloor
Yes please! I've been wanting to read this for a while.
Bryna Campbell
131. brynac
It would be nice to win these books. I love to read!
Tammy G
132. chaya311
count me in
Tammy G
133. orphan90
I have gotten so many of my friends and family hooked on this series!
Tammy G
134. Eboni
I would love these! And the 1st is my b irthday...
Tammy G
135. ZephyrSun
I love this series! I can't get enough!
Tammy G
136. Riki
Fingers crossed.
Tammy G
139. Sheryl R. Hayes
I've been wanting to read this series for a while. Several friends have recommended it to me.
Richard Schatz
140. schatzfam
This looks like it would keep me busy reading for many minutes, hours, and days.
Tammy G
143. Kristin Lear
I love the mercy Thompson series, very well written and a fun read.
Tammy G
144. sandra doherty
I love the Mercy books
Tammy G
145. Karen M.
Adam. 'nuf said. Love this series.
Tammy G
146. matkeltri
I would love love love this!
Tammy G
147. Resa
Love it would love to wine
William Gardner
150. myangelsman09
I have probably had half a dozen chances to pick one of these books up and give it a try, but circumstance is a crude mistress and the chance has always passed me by. I'd love a new chance to rectify that.
Tammy G
151. Rebecca Kesa
Sounds like a tough girl.
Joyce Mitchell
155. JoyceLm
I'd love to win - thanks for the chance.
Tammy G
157. Nsharra
Love this author! Haven't started the Mercy Thompson series yet but have read the alpha omega series and waiting for more. Patti has a way of captivating all of my attention and emotions while reading her the point that the emotions for the characters linger long after the book is put down.
Tammy G
158. Marie Constantineau
thanks for chance
Tammy G
160. Skittles
This is one of my all-time favorite re-reads. :)
Tammy G
161. Lexi Brittain
I really want this. I only have the books in ebook format. Love mercy and the gang.
Irwin Primero
162. time_to_read
Generous of Tor to give the whole series. I hope I win!
Tammy G
163. Cathy/greytfriend
Having the entire series would be a dream! Thanks for the chance.
Tammy G
164. Theresa E Miller
I already have all of these books but my current copies are getting a bit worn. Would love to lend out the worn ones and keep the pretty new ones for myself.
Tammy G
166. Tram Le
I would love this. Thanks for the giveaway!
Tammy G
171. Cruz Frernandez
Wow, a lot of people want these books. I gotta check em out
Tammy G
172. TheMadLibrarian
Ohhh, do want for the library!
Tammy G
174. Deadjack
So would like to read these.
Rich Bennett
175. Neuralnet
I've never gotten around to reading these but have heard they are good... Please enter me into the sweepstakes. Thanks
Tammy G
176. JReynolds
Here's hoping.
Tammy G
177. Aerial Best
Huge fan and would love to have fresh copies since mine were lost when I had to move.
Tammy G
180. JimS
Would love to give this series a shot!
Tammy G
181. Tred
Probably one of the best series I've read, of any genre. I've checked out most of them from the local library, so I would love to have the books for the home.
Tammy G
182. Lila M
Oh my word!I wuold love to have the series again! I have read most of the series numerous times! I love Mercy and her crew!
Tammy G
183. engelsigh
This series has been on my TBR list for a long time. It would be great to win the whole thing in one shot. Thank you for the oppertunity.
Tammy G
184. Laura lostutter
I have read a few but would love to read the rest
Tammy G
185. Dean Elliott
my daughter would love this
Andrew C.
186. superhombre
This would make my month! Pick me please.
Tammy G
187. Regina Nwoha
It would be awesome to win the whole series I'm from the Pacific Northwest (southwest Washington area) and it's fun to read about different locations in Washington I've been to! Love the characters and narrator for audible books!!
g. penrod
188. galena
these look like great reads and would love to win them an read them
Tammy G
190. Heather Giovannitti
What a great lot of books! I would love to win these!
Tammy G
192. Angela Roquet
Oh! Pick me! Pick me! ???
Tammy G
193. Kate Vidal
This is AWESOME!!! I'm incredibly excited to possibly win these!! *crossing fingers* One of my all-time favorite series!
Tammy G
194. Jackie Blowers
What an awesome series!!
195. jpl123456
Hope I WIN???????????
Tammy G
198. Charlotte Padgett
What a nice surprise. I would love to read these.
Tammy G
199. K Roberts
Yes please!
Tammy G
200. runner
Groovy Mercy Thompsom Series!
James Beattie
202. Hoodoc
Honestly not familiar with this series but the reviews sound interesting
Tammy G
204. Dave46
Please. This is a wonderful series.
Tammy G
205. Marilyn Nawara
I would love to read the complete series.
Tammy G
206. Deborah Wellenstein
Ooooh-I'd love to read these!
Tammy G
207. Sidebernie
John Lobello
208. johntocaelpiano
I would Totes McGotes like this book series! :D
Tammy G
209. Monica Mileti
Thanks for the giveaway! I haven't had a change to read these books yet.
Tammy G
211. KierstenS6
I love these books!!
Brenda Elsner
212. brat52101
Thanks for the awesome giveaway!! I would love to have these books!!!
Tammy G
213. Heather Arnould
This is a fab. series and I would love to have the complete set.
Tammy G
214. Dolphinfriend
I have read the entire mercy series. I got hooked an read the first couple books that a friend loaned me. I dont currently have copies of them. I would like to own the whole series some day.

Good Luck to every one who enters
Tammy G
215. Jodi Boulier
Seriously, I am getting ready for surgery and recovery and have been looking for some good books to read. I would love to read these, please enter me!
Tammy G
216. Wonryang
Great prize thanks
ricardo perez
217. byzkitt
always looking for something new to read
Tammy G
218. Colleen Gleason
These books are awesome!!!!
Tammy G
219. Katherine Dubreuil
Thanks for the giveaway.
Tammy G
221. Amy E.
i've enjoyed the exerpts you've featured here at; thanks for the opportunity to add them to my library!
Tammy G
222. Emontie Purth
Tammy G
223. Kim Niland
Love Patricia Briggs! Need more of her books.
Tammy G
224. Tehol Lives
I'm in, Thanks!
Tammy G
227. Kay Abbott
Love reading would love to try something new. Thanks
Tammy G
228. Elisabeth Ashley
So excited about this sweepstakes! I have the first couple books and love them, but haven't been able to pick up the whole set yet.
DeeAnn S
229. sweepster49
Looks like a good series, and love the covers! Thanks.
Tammy G
231. StarryEyed
I've been meaning to read this series for a while. Having the series would definitely motivate me to get started on it.
Julia S
233. TwistedDream
Fantastic giveaway..of course you can count me in!
Tammy G
236. Anne Derkat
What a neat contest!
Tammy G
237. robyn scollo
great set
Jason Kuhlmann
238. BrowncoatJayson
That is a great set of books! Now off to get Shifting Shadows...
Tammy G
239. Kate Swed
I've been wanting to read these!
Tammy G
240. Pam Blome
Yes, a favorite of mine!
Tammy G
241. Story Cottage
Here is my hat in the ring.
Tammy G
242. Janice Reilly
I love reading...and I would love to win these!
Tammy G
243. Rosecrossed
I would love to win these! Been meaning to read them for ages
Tammy G
245. Erika Victoria
great author.....would love this!
Tammy G
246. Megan Hurd
I JUST had someone tell me that this is her favourite author, and recommend this series, so I'd love to win this to read them!
Tammy G
247. Serenak
Love this series!
Tammy G
248. Lady
I am really looking forward to the short story collection coming out next week!
Tammy G
249. Vickie H.
Great set of books...thanks for the opportunity to win them.
Tammy G
250. Veronica M
These look really interesting.
Tammy G
251. michelle kaplan
am a serial reader as are most in my book not familiar with the author but would love to be.
Tammy G
252. WGW
Would really love to read this series
Tammy G
253. Deb Philippon
What a great prize! This would keep me busy for quite a while.
Tammy G
My daughter and I can't wait to read this series. I know we will enjoy them
Tammy G
255. Kristen Black
These would be amazing to win! Thank you for the opportunity!!
Tammy G
258. Sprintfish
books please!
Tammy G
259. Lisa Breece
These sound like great books, and I'd love to read them.
Tammy G
260. Melanie Cameron
Wonderful prize! love to read these books.
Tammy G
261. Freegault
Would love these books.
Tammy G
262. Leslie Sil
Hope I win
Tammy G
263. truckerofbc
This would be nice to win
Tammy G
265. heather burke
Awesome sweepstakes!! Good Luck everyone!!!!!
Tammy G
266. Meekyung
love these books
Tammy G
267. kid_greg
I'd love to win this series to give as a gift to my wife.
Tammy G
268. Margaret Rutledge
I'd love to win this.
Tammy G
Amazing author, love the books!!
Tammy G
270. OgreMkV
I'd love them... I'd like just about any books.
Tammy G
271. Bobbie Watson
My fav series! Can't wait for Shifting Shadows.
Tammy G
272. Kari Stewart
Love this series!
Tammy G
273. Athlios
I love this series!
Tammy G
274. kate l
I've been looking to pick these up for a while.
Tammy G
275. Barry Kazimer
Excellant Contest!
Tammy G
276. Ladyfoxx
Really looking forward to the new book! ^.^
C. Parrella
278. I.B.Curious
I've heard about these for a long time! Thanks for the giveaway!
Tammy G
279. Edd
I would like to read the work of Patricia Briggs!
Tammy G
280. Chris L
Love the series and cannot wait for the next part of an intriguing saga!
Tammy G
282. Karrie Millheim
DROOL!!! i love her books!!!
Tammy G
283. shelly pitt
would love to have these.we love to read.
Tammy G
284. Alice Magelssen
I love these books!
Tammy G
286. JenOfDoom
I've been meaning to read these
Tammy G
287. Karla Sceviour
Great,would love to read these,,thanks for the chance!
Tammy G
288. Shaeon
Can't wait to read them.
Tammy G
289. Bonnigene
these are now next on my list to read
Tammy G
291. BeguileThySorrow
I love this series! Yay Mercy \O/
Having the series in paperback would be perfect:)
Tammy G
292. Will M.
Book I'd love to read! Thanks for the chance :)
Tammy G
293. Pat B
Looks like a great series, would love to win!
Tammy G
294. Jackie P
I absolutely love this series, Mercy is my hero!
Jannet Kwan
295. JANNET1
I would like to enter this sweepstakes because the books seems very interesting to read.
Tammy G
296. Monica P
Love these books!
Tammy G
299. Dara Nix
I haven't read this series, but really want to! Thanks for the chance to win these!
Tammy G
302. JP Schaper
Wow, this is a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win. I love Mercy!
Tammy G
303. Andrea Hickey
I heard this was a good series and I would love to read them!
Tammy G
304. Helisa Duplassie
Oh my gosh this would be a great win. I am an avid reader and can quickly devour a book or series of books
Tammy G
305. Justin Youskow
Tammy G
306. LoriA
Maybe it's time to get back to reading Patricia Briggs. I've read her fantasies, but not the ones in the new (contemporary/urban fantasy) setting.
Tammy G
307. Misty Gee
I love this series. It is seriously my favorite series so far.
Tammy G
308. Niteowl
Sounds like a very interesting read. Count me in. Thanks Tor.
Tammy G
309. Beverly Metcalf
I haven't read any of these books, but I would love to read them. Thanks!
Tammy G
310. Leela
Thanks for the giveaway!
Buddy Garrett
312. garrettsambo
It is a great series. I would enjoy reading the books.
Tammy G
313. Kathleen S.
Nice! I read the first book in this series and have been really looking forward to reading the rest of the books. Thanks!
Tammy G
315. Mallory Smith
great contest!!!
Tammy G
316. Shakeia Rieux
I would love to win this series
Tammy G
318. Sallee Glickler
I could use a new series to read, and these look so interesting. Crossing my fingers that I win!
Tammy G
319. anna donato
Wow, this is really neat! I hope I win.
Tammy G
320. Kelsey Volentine
WOW! What a great giveaway! I love this series!!
Sarah Vegetabile
322. Feya92
Kids are headed back to school and this mom needs some good reads! This is an excellent giveaway!!
Wayne Lecoy
323. hotrodguy
I am entering your Mercy Thompson Series Sweepstakes.
It would be great to win copies of Moon Called, Blood Bound, Iron Kissed, Bone Crossed, Silver Borne, River Marked
and Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs.
These look like great books.
Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tammy G
324. Anne Banks
I need a new (to me) author ! I'm running out of books !! Fall is coming, so it will be "curl up & read weekends" !! Would love to get this series !
Tammy G
325. Tim H. Moss
Good deal, count me in!
Tammy G
326. shayne livingston
I would love these!
barbara stenby
327. wikichoco
I have wanted to read this series for a while but haven't been able to get the books! Hope I win this then I can binge read them all in a week!
Tammy G
328. Dina Jones
This sounds like a great series! I would love to have it!
Tammy G
329. Morgan M
Nice! These look great! Thankful for the chance to enter!
Susan Smoaks
330. susansmoaks
awesome giveaway, thanks for the chance to win
Tammy G
331. Christian walters
I sooo would love some new reading material :)
Tammy G
335. Rose Montague
Count me in! I love this series.
Tammy G
338. EricHum
I can't wait to read them!
Tammy G
339. lindawwww
great series. Can't wait to start reading!
Tammy G
340. kelenataz
Wow, amazing series I really want to re-read and let my husband read them. Mercy is strong and amazing.
Tammy G
341. Tara Henderson
I love this series and I think it is high time I re-read them all!
Tammy G
342. ted martz
A nice pool read.
Tammy G
343. tefenut
Mercy rocks! I love this series.
Tammy G
344. CherylMc
would just love this
Carl White
345. AskTheTicketGuy
Mercy Thompson, hey, I think I went to high school with her.
Tammy G
Been wanting to catch up on this series.
Tammy G
347. RobinV
Patricia Briggs is a hometown girl!!! Lover her books!
Tammy G
348. Natasha Graham
I would love to get into this series!
Tammy G
349. Veronique Essiembre
Sounds like an awesome contest, would love to win this:)
Tammy G
350. Alaina
Mercedes Athena Thompson Hauptman has helped me keep my sanity. She's been with me on sick days, vacations, the maternity ward, etc. can't wait for more on her

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