Aug 8 2014 11:13am

New Doctor Who Season 8 Clip: “She Cares So I Don’t Have To”

Doctor Who

Interestingly, our first real look at Peter Capaldi’s Doctor comes in a clip from the second episode of the new season of Doctor Who. A recent interview with Capaldi showed us a brief look at “Into the Dalek,” with the Twelfth Doctor pondering morality, malfunctions, and whether he is actually a good man.

In less than a minute, we glimpse three small scenes from “Into the Dalek,” all setting up the Doctor and Clara’s new rapport post-regeneration:

Capaldi’s Doctor is prickly, as we were expecting, but he’s also still got a steep learning curve, and he’s relying on Clara to fill in the blanks, as this exhange proves:

“Clara, be my pal, tell me: Am I a good man?”

“Don’t know.”

Doesn’t mean there’s not room for banter, especially when they’re called in to help out with an unusual Dalek:

“This is Clara. She’s not my assistant; she’s some other word.”

“I’m his carer.”

“Yeah, my carer. She cares so I don’t have to.”

That bit ends with one of the agents (?) who calls them in asking the other, “Is your predecessor mad?” Speaking of madness, there’s a Dalek who... wants to do good?

We see a Dalek hooked up to wires say something to the Doctor, though we can’t make it out thanks to the annoying voiceover. Whatever it is, however, leads the Doctor to make his choice:

“A Dalek so damaged, it’s turned good. Morality as malfunction. How do I resist?”

Highlight for the plot of “Into the Dalek”: The plot for “Into the Dalek” sees the Doctor and Clara going all Magic School Bus and journeying inside the Dalek’s “body.” We imagine this would be especially bizarre for Clara, having been transformed into a Dalek as Oswin Oswald.

We’re getting even more excited for August 23!

1. Brian_E
It sounded like the Dalek said "can you help me".
2. lobath
I also heard "(will|can) you help me" from the Dalek.
3. Michelle R. Wood
True confession time: I have never been able to really get into Dr. Who, at least not to the same level of love that the majority of fandom seems to. I've had lots of friends and family through the years try to get me hooked, and I always ended up with a "Mm, it's OK?" response. Ever since Capaldi was cast I've been putting my hopes that this one would be the Doctor for me.

This short bit of dialogue between him and Clara is honestly the first time I saw a Dr. Who clip that made me laugh and feel "Win!" Cautiously optimistic for the preimere.

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