Aug 7 2014 11:10am

Marvel Figuring Out How to Sell Us That Groot Toy (You Know the One)

Groot Guardians of the Galaxy dancing toy

There’s only one piece of Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise that matters. (Okay, two if you count Star-Lord’s awesome retractable helmet/ear thingamajig.) But until hologram technology makes the kind of leaps we saw during the film’s excellent opening sequence, we’ll settle for the Groot toy that everyone immediately wanted after seeing the first post-credits sequence.


Marvel took note of audiences’ squeeing over the weekend about the cutest moment from the movie—potted baby Groot dancing dancing dancing as he grows back into the fearsome, seven-foot-tall tree creature we know and love. Marvel’s Ryan “Agent M” Penagos tweeted that they’ve definitely taken notice of the growing demand for our very own potted Groot:

While we wait on that, there are some other options. Nerdist noticed that Hot Toys’ latest figurines, a set of Rocket Raccoon and Groot, also includes a 1/6th scale potted Groot! Although it doesn’t dance and also costs $359.99, so, you know, maybe not...

dancing Groot toy Hot Toys Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy where to buy

Even though the statue does not actually dance, you’re welcome to play the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” to try and recreate this:

dancing Groot toy Hot Toys Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy where to buy

You can also go the DIY route: Fan Saber Fire Tiger hacked a POP! Groot figurine to make a potted Groot that’s a bobblehead! (Hat tip to Slashgear for spotting this one.)

dancing Groot toy Hot Toys Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy where to buy

We are going to get the dancing Groot one way or another. Better hurry up, Marvel, before we get there first!

Photos: Marvel Studios, Sideshow CollectiblesSaber Fire Tiger

1. Random22
Surely one of those 90s dancing sunflowers, only Groot is the way to go. I bet we still have our dancing sunflower in the attic, wonder if it still works.
2. coregeek
Marvel should have had a dancing version on the store shelves for the day of release. This little guy is super popular (for now). I created a sculpture of him and posted it to Facebook and it has spread like wildfire. I've received an overwhelming amount of requests to make these for people. (Which I am not and was never my intention.) Marvel is actively pursuing shutting down those selling them. The guy who had his on Etsy has already received a cease and desist from them. (He posted a link to it on one of my Facebook threads.) So maybe they do have something in the works to be released soon. Here's a link to mine for those who'd like to see it:
Chris Lough
3. TorChris
Their absence is seriously baffling especially considering that Ike Perlmutter, the guy who owns Marvel and saved it from bankruptcy owns a friggin' toy company.
Chris Nelly
4. Aeryl
My daughter wants a Funko Pop Groot like BURNING
Church Tucker
5. Church
@1 The GF and I were watching the credits and mentioned exactly that. It's dumbfounding that they weren't ready to go.
6. Random22
@5 Yeah, I would have thought they would have at least a limited run if nothing else. I mean I do know that it can be hard to pre-judge what the 'base will grab onto and run with, and it is far too easy to be stuck with a warehouse full of unwanted merch, but anything that looks even vaguely marketable and portable should have at least a limited "special edition" run to tide people over while the main production is ramped up. Someone in the marketing and merch dept. dropped the ball on this one.
7. ilpalazzo
It'll be made just because all they have to do is take the old dancing coke cans and add arms. Maybe they'll make a golden idol groot for you guys too..
8. ilpalazzo
Why aren't those Chinese sweat shops working hard slaving away on a piece of junk I can worship so I can remember two seconds of a movie!?!?! AAAGHHH!!! My consumption cannot be sated!
Alan Brown
9. AlanBrown
I was lucky enough to buy the last Funko Pop Groot bobblehead from my local comic shop the day after the movie premiered. I don't think they intended it to look like baby Groot, but there sure is a strong resemblance.
It is for my granddaughter, so if any of you run into her, don't spill the beans! ;-)
10. Randall Trusell
I wants one.
Tabitha Jensen
11. pabkins
I definitely need this toy in my life! I remember watching the scene and asking my friend if she ever had one of those dancing flowers from the 80's/90's that would dance whenever you played music near it. Remember those!?

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