Jul 26 2014 7:20pm

Sandman Overture #3 Gives us a Preview!

Sandman Overture #3 should be coming out next Wednesday, July 30th (only a year after the first issue was teased at San Diego Comic Con...), and we'll have a review for you! In the meantime, we have a skip this if you don't want any spoilers!

At the opening of the issue, we join the quest in progress. The Dream of Cats, who, rather than waving his dream tail and walking by his dream lone, chooses to accompany Morpheus across the void. Their journey is intercut with shots of warriors and ambassadors assembling from all across the universe, and the true quest comes into focus: the fate of the universe itself hangs in the balance, as some monks are working to obliterate life in any form, in a quest for purity, and others (including Morpheus?) are trying to stop them. Along the way he comes across three irascible ladies who will prove important to his future...

The dialogue is Gaiman’s usual mix of “brilliant” and “edge of pretentious” and it's mashed up in a way that we get deep thoughts on God and meditation right next to a Cosmic Canine Corp sailing across the universe. And once again, J.H. Williams' art is so beautiful that it becomes a compelling argument for the innate goodness of life.

You can see more of the preview over at the AV Club!

2. quinne
@1 No, it's only become a bi-centennial comic book series. We'll get another issue in about 200 years.
3. quinne
Wait. The antagonists look like Jack Kirby's New Gods from Apokolips. Could it be the reason for the delay? DC wanted Neil Gaiman to create a crossover with the execrable New52 DC Universe? If that ends up being true then I've lost every shred of respect I had for Gaiman.

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