Jul 16 2014 3:30pm

Outer Limits Sweepstakes!

You’re passionate about SF&F. You’ve considered how Alien’s Ellen Ripley opened up doorways for other female leads, you’ve ranted about Jar Jar Binks and how the Star Wars films could have been better executed, and you’ve explained to your friends why the Star Trek Reboot's Khan situation was so lamentable. You’re invested. You care. 

 That’s why we want to send you a copy of Outer Limits: The Filmgoers’ Guide to the Great Science-Fiction Films, a detailed survey of major genre films from Metropolis to Avatar, out now from Palgrave Macmillan!amazon buy outer limits

We’ve got three great prizes for you:

1st prize: One copy of Outer Limits, plus Living with Star Trek: American Culture and the Star Trek Universe, British Science Fiction Television: A Hitchhiker’s Guide, and Projecting Tomorrow: Science Fiction and Popular Cinema!
2nd prize: Outer Limits and Projecting Tomorrow!
3rd prize: Outer Limits

Comment in the post to enter!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of 50 United States and D.C., and Canada (excluding Quebec). To enter, comment on this post beginning at 3:30 PM Eastern Time (ET) on July 16. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 PM ET on July 20. Void outside the United States and Canada and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor:, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Yagiz Erkan
3. yagiz
Wow! This looks like an amazing book. I'd be so happy even just with the 3rd prize.
Peter W. Horton Jr.
4. mosaix
There is nothing wrong with your viewing device! Yes!
Erich Eberhardt
9. eber3
Wow, one of the best prizes yet! Count me in!
Emontie Purth
10. BigJim
So Awesome! This is by far once of the best sweepstakes Tor has ever had!
Emontie Purth
11. JH
This looks awesome--I'm in!
Travis Smith
13. Bisna
Was a huge Outer Limits fan! Still have nightmares about some of them lol.
James Campbell
14. JKC27
Awesome - would love to get my hands on this.
Bobby Berry
15. bvberry
Watched Sci-Fi all my life, I am more than half a century now.
Emontie Purth
17. Cytherean
So many great sweepstakes lately!
James LaFreniere
19. jacksaw
I just drooled a little at this contest.
Emontie Purth
20. Kaila
Great sweepstakes! And the blurb was so true :)
Emontie Purth
22. Jonw
38th time is the charm. :)
Michael Carter
23. Mcart
Great sweepstakes!
Please enter me.
Thanks --
Emontie Purth
25. Emily M.
this would be awesome.
Emontie Purth
28. wbogacz
This would be a fantastic read.
Frank Nagy
29. fjnagy
I control the horizontal.
I control the vertical.
Weird, ain't it?
Emontie Purth
32. Underbelly
Normally I might feel embarrassed about how excited winning this prize would make me but I am 90% sure this crowd wouldn’t judge—so bring it on!
Emontie Purth
33. PamelaW
I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.
Emontie Purth
34. adelaideblair
All of these books look great!
Emontie Purth
36. Douglas32
This would be awesome.
Emontie Purth
38. gunner
Please please please! Amazing resource books...
Emontie Purth
41. August Kroll
Sound rad!
Stephen Bristow
44. Vanesmantha
Always looking for new SF&F on film...stuff like Tarkovsky's "Stalker" and "Solaris", and Rideur's "The Platinum".
Thanks for the chance--I'll watch every one they recommend!
Emontie Purth
45. RLBrown
Okay, you just desribed me to a T!

Even though I'm a little creeped out by HOW you got this information about me...I'd still like to win this.
Emontie Purth
46. jmarsh642
sounds like some interesting reading
Emontie Purth
47. dwarzel
Count me in, please!
Emontie Purth
48. meltil221
I am intrigued.
Richard Schatz
50. schatzfam
This would go great with my DVD edition of the Complete Outer Limits.
Emontie Purth
52. StrangerInAStrangeLand
Looks nice, maybe I am lucky.
Emontie Purth
56. Gilgamesh
Through all the legends of ancient peoples runs the saga of the Eternal Man, the one who never dies, called by various names in various times, but historically known as the one who has never tasted death...
Emontie Purth
58. Story Cottage
Sounds Great!
Emontie Purth
62. carrottop2864
This would be insanely interesting!
A.J. Bobo
63. Daedylus
As a guy who grew up on Sci-Fi movies (comes from being born a few months after Star Wars was released) I have to enter this one. Thanks!
Kevin K
65. glowingdark
Sounds pretty interesting. Thanks for the chance.
Gordon Bingham
66. gordonbingham
The Outer Limits was my bridgehead into science fiction. Of course I want in!!
Emontie Purth
67. cnote56
With this power, I will be one step closer to becoming...THAT guy!!!! No message board WILL ever be safe!! No cocktail party will EVER be boring!!! NO FACTIOD TO SMALL!!!! NO MERCY!!!!!
Emontie Purth
68. doom
I'd like all of them please.
Emontie Purth
70. bbcng
Pick me, please!
Emontie Purth
72. Jeanette Jackson
I love Science Fiction! Please enter me.
Emontie Purth
74. Karen T Gonyea
Looks amazing - count me in please :)
Emontie Purth
75. Rickie Hinrichs
Out side the limits we go.
Emontie Purth
79. James Coyne
I love a good book
Emontie Purth
81. Valerie Mabrey
I think this looks like a good prize!
Emontie Purth
82. Marie Constantineau
thanks for the chance
Emontie Purth
84. Karen P
Thanks for the chance! Awesome.
Emontie Purth
85. JKrabbie
I love reading about films, so even if I don't win, I have a few titles to check out! Thanks!
Emontie Purth
86. Joe J Spatafora
fingers crossed....................................
Emontie Purth
87. Heather S
Very cool..thanks
Emontie Purth
88. cheekysod7
thumbs up for Hitchhikers Guides
Emontie Purth
89. Vicki Andrew
outher limits and star trek were 2 of my favorite shows growing up
Emontie Purth
90. Katie H.
I love all things weird... please pick me!
Emontie Purth
91. rickel bart
the Outer Limits used to scare me to death!
Emontie Purth
92. Tandi Cortez-Rios
Thanks for the chance!
Emontie Purth
93. Claire H
Ahh, my two favorite subjects!
Emontie Purth
95. angiew
Love Sci Fi. This looks great.
Emontie Purth
96. ron frampton
love sci-fi
Emontie Purth
97. Dawn K
looks interesting
Emontie Purth
98. Deborah Wellenstein
I'd love to win! Thanks!
Emontie Purth
99. Jacqueline Weiskopff
Awesome prize pack, I love Sci Fi!
Emontie Purth
100. Sunshyn V
Incredible geek prize pack!
Emontie Purth
102. Will.
Awesome prizes!
Emontie Purth
104. Edd
I would love to read this compendium!
105. smitten
Wow! Does this sweepstakes bring back memories!!
Emontie Purth
106. Danielle Hall
count me in please
Emontie Purth
107. Gorgeous Gary
Not that I need any more reading material, but...sounds interesting.
Emontie Purth
112. glen matlock
have always loved the outerlimits and what a great contest. hope to win.
Emontie Purth
113. GordonP
Those Trek books look sweet too!
Emontie Purth
115. Stephanie Douglas
Great giveaway! Sign me up!
Emontie Purth
116. Stephanie Douglas
Great giveaway! Sign me up!
Emontie Purth
117. Carla Sue Thompson
These books look good because I like these shows.
Emontie Purth
118. Chad McKoy
Looks great!
Debra Kidle
119. lubelle
Love science fiction reads, count me in!
Emontie Purth
120. Ibrahim Isbilir
I need this
Emontie Purth
121. Tim H. Moss
Always loved The Outer Limits! Count me in!
barbara stenby
122. wikichoco
very amazing giveaway! would be a big addition to my library
Emontie Purth
124. Chris N
My all time favorite!
Emontie Purth
126. Maria Dollar
What an awesome prize...I hope you pick me....LMAO, of course so does everyone else who entered!
Emontie Purth
Would love to have this prize, big fan for 50 years of science fiction movies and tv shows.
Scott Bowen
128. ScoBo
I think I just missed the deadline-- I may have to look this up in the library. (Unless I read the time wrong...)
Emontie Purth
129. Min K
thanks for the chance
Emontie Purth
131. Peggy Doty
My favorite show.
Emontie Purth
134. Andrea henry
would be grand
Chi Shannon
135. anastasiafall
This is awesome! Gotta get my name in here :)

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