Jul 19 2014 1:30pm

Not So Super Sweepstakes!

From writer Jacques Nyemb and artist Joe Hunter comes Not So Super, the story of the weird turn Daniel Douglas’ life takes when he wakes up with an assortment of powers. The list of powers keeps growing and he never knows when they will appear or disappear. His life begins to spiral into chaos as he tries to navigate an unforgiving, modern world while discovering what made him this way.

You can check out the preview now and then enter for your chance to win one of three copies of Not So Super

Comment in the post to enter!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of 50 United States and D.C., and Canada (excluding Quebec). To enter, comment on this post beginning at 1:30 PM Eastern Time (ET) on July 19. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 PM ET on July 23. Void outside the United States and Canada and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor:, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Tammy G
2. Tammy G
Sounds great! Thanks for the chance!
Michael Carter
6. Mcart
Sounds interesting!
Please enter me in the sweeps.
Thanks ---
Tammy G
11. wbogacz
Count me in, please.
Dan Oliveira
12. HippieFromHell
This seems pretty cool... actualy, it seems pretty super!
Tammy G
13. CraigW
Maybe not Super, but looks cool.
Tammy G
14. Getae Bastard
Celestials series blog publishes weekly the story of a celestial on the run from his people and himself.
Tammy G
15. Kaila
Sounds really interesting, thanks for the sweepstakes!
Tammy G
16. bill norris
looks like something I'd like to read
Tammy G
17. tony garza
sounds nice
Tammy G
21. ElCanche
Cool. Cool, cool, cool.
Stephen Bristow
25. Vanesmantha
Thsi story sounds just like me, but replace the word 'powers' with 'gas'. So it's a kind of a foreshadowing of my biography, really.
Thanks for the chance!
Tammy G
28. jc1960
sounds like a careful what you wish for story. wonderful. thanks!
Tammy G
30. miriam12
Looks very interesting!
Tammy G
33. Darith3Duh
Ooooh, sounds awesome! :D
Tammy G
35. Carla Pullum
A guy with powers that come and go count me in!
Tammy G
37. Liat
Yay! Sounds (and looks) great! Thanks for the giveaway..
Tammy G
38. 1aweek
Sounds good.
Tammy G
39. Geek4jesus
Love it.
Roberta Taylor
41. RTaylor
Oh my goodness- this sounds like my life!!
Tammy G
46. Tehol Lives
Sounds great, Thanks!
Tammy G
47. Candace Galan-Calderon
Sounds good...would love to win this!
Tammy G
48. Jen Mc
Yes, please!
Tammy G
49. ScoBo
Looks like a fun read!
Tammy G
51. ShannonLFay
This looks like fun!
Tammy G
53. FredG
Count me in.
Aaron Tranes
58. Itchy
I love graphic novels and this one sounds fun!
Tammy G
61. Shannon Baas
I would love this.
Tammy G
62. Emontie Purth
Tammy G
64. BigJim
Sign me up!
Tammy G
67. Rickie Hinrichs
Are you sure maybe he's superman in discuise
Tammy G
69. zfeldman37
thanks for the chance :)
Andy Kilby
71. adk2639
I actually think that this is super.
Tammy G
72. INCyr
Ooh, wouldn't mind giving this a check out...
Tammy G
74. EricL
Hope I'm the lucky one
YouDont NeedToKnow
77. necrosage2005
Interesting premise. I'd like to check it out.
Tammy G
78. August Kroll
Looks awesome
Tammy G
83. pentahedron
Tammy G
85. Tandi Cortez-Rios
Thanks for the chance!
Tammy G
86. cheekysod7
he's a bird, he's a bum, he's not so super man
Tammy G
87. Susan O'Bryant
This sounds adorably fun! Thanks for the chance to win a copy.
Tammy G
89. Edd
This looks quirky. I like quirky.
Tammy G
91. Bonnigene
would love to win...totally would love to read
Tammy G
92. Donna Clark
I would love to win this book. It sounds like a book I would like to read.
Tammy G
93. Shirley Y
Title is Not So Super, but sounds like a super read!
Tammy G
97. Marissa M
Sounds great, thanks for the chance!
Tammy G
98. candis sauicer
This seems interesting.
Tammy G
99. Tina Marie
Thanks for the giveaway!
Tammy G
101. Tim H. Moss
Good deal, count me in!
Susan Smoaks
102. susansmoaks
awesome giveaway, thanks for the chance to win!!!
Tammy G
103. Joy Q
I would love to win
Tammy G
105. VICKIE H.
Assortment of powers...yessssss!
Tammy G
106. Amanda Fuscone
This sounds so cool
Cary Gordon
107. NotEd3k
The preview was interesting. I'd definitely like to read it.

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