Jul 27 2014 11:05am

New Teaser for The Flash Shows Barry Allen Ignoring Highway Speed Limits

CW's The flash, Barry Allen

This sonic teaser for CW’s The Flash popped up yesterday, and it shows Barry Allen giving a bored traffic cop a run for his money.

The trailer also notably shows a billboard for Ray Palmer’s tech company, using the slogan “Bigger Isn’t Always Better.” Palmer is showing up on Arrow’s season 3, and is expected to take up the mantle of the Atom, which is his alter ego in the comics. So that slogan is appropriate.

Now watch Barry break the sound barrier!

Christopher Bennett
1. ChristopherLBennett
I wonder if speed limits would actually apply to the Flash, though. I recall a post from the terrific Law and the Multiverse blog about how Superman might not be violating any FAA regulations by flying without a license or filed flight plan because the regulations only apply to operators of vehicles. I imagine the same is probably true for speed limits -- they're specifically about vehicle operators, so someone who's just running might be exempt from them. Although eventually I think the laws would be rewritten to deal with superhuman beings and their powers.

Also, would a police radar gun even be capable of registering a speed of 760 MPH, or whatever that was? I doubt they're designed to handle velocities anything like that. Probably the display would just say "EE" or whatever its maximum reading was.

Plus I sincerely hope that within the show, Barry isn't so reckless about the windshield integrity of innocent automobiles. (For that matter, would windshield glass shatter like that under the shock wave? It'd probably just fracture but be held together by the laminate.)

And yes, I know it's symbolic/figurative, but it can be fun to nitpick.
2. herewiss13
The billboard is a nice easter-egg, but I also like that the two cross-word clues the cop fills in are "Grodd" and "Allen."
Christopher Bennett
3. ChristopherLBennett
^All the crossword entries are Easter eggs. There's also GHOST, DAD, SPEED, IRIS, STARLABS, LIG (HTNING?), THUNDER, and COS (TUME?).

And the text in the adjacent newspaper article contains the words "gives Barry superpowers."

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