Jul 18 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: This Slytherin Tea will Help You on the Way to Greatness

Pop Culture Brain introduced us to our new favorite tea shop! We love the juxtaposition between Slytherin (EVIL!!! or at least, MORALLY GREY.), a nice cup of tea (Cozy! Jean-Luc Picard!), and Snape (CONFLICTED. And kinda stalky.)—and obviously the fact that poor put-upon Snape can only mutter about his hatred of puns just takes everything to a new level.

Morning Roundup wants ALL THE SCONES. But lacking that, we’ll just have to give you all the news we can find! We’ve got a new Daredevil cast member, musings on horror from Guillermo del Toro, and reading recommendations from Stephen King! Plus, Russia has a brand new Hellmouth. At least, we’re assuming it’s a Hellmouth, until we’re proved wrong. It seems safer that way.

Tom Smith
2. phuzz
They missed an opportunity for a "morally (Earl) Grey" tea joke.
Sean Vivier
3. SeanVivier
I'm guessing Mara said "story", which got translated into Spanish as "historia," which in turn got translated back into English as "history."
4. DrPedantStrikes!
And speaking of conceal mysteries, who the hell poked this hole through Siberia? And what’s, um, what’s in the hole? It isn’t Cthulhu, is it? ’Cause that would ruin our weekend.
Everyone knows Ol' Squidhead is sleeping in the South Pacific.
5. quinne
I thought it was "Crimson Pique" not "Crimson Peak".

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