Jul 17 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Minimalist Poster Game Over, Man!

Quick, what do you think is happening in the above picture? What if we told you this was a minimalist poster for the film alien, and that there is now a chest-bursting alien baby running amok in your tastefully furnished apartment? Buzzfeed shared some of these designs by Atipo, a Spanish art studio whose method of cutting to the heart of a film is simply breathtaking. Check out the idea for Jaws, Dracula, and, maybe best of all, Fahrenheit 451. 

Morning Roundup has maximalist news for you today! The first official images from the set of Age of Ultron have been released! If Manuel Noriega is going to be portrayed as a murder, he damn well wants some royalties! And you might have heard some news about Thor...


Sean Tabor
1. wingracer
R+L=J has been my favorite theory for some time now. Watched that vid a while back and it really sums up all the evidence for it very well.
Christopher Bennett
2. ChristopherLBennett
I'd never thought about it, but yeah, I could see Ruffalo as Columbo. Although the prospect of a Columbo feature film concerns me, because for Columbo to work, it has to be the opposite of everything Hollywood insists on in feature cop movies -- no car chases, no gunfights, no love interest for the hero except his unseen wife, no sassy younger sidekick, and a hero who doesn't go through any real personal arc or growth because he's long since found a comfortable rut wherein he thrives. The network tried foisting a sidekick on Columbo once or twice and it never lasted more than an episode or two and never really felt right. And those two later TV movies they did based on Ed McBain stories, with more conventional action storylines, just felt like Columbo had wandered into the wrong movie somehow.

In fact, really, Columbo isn't the protagonist of his own series -- he's the antagonist. That was the formula of the original play, in which the murderer was the main character and Columbo was the nemesis who endangered his success. So it's the murderer who's the viewpoint character, the one who has an arc over the course of the story and who drives its events by pursuing a goal -- i.e. committing and getting away with a "perfect" murder -- to which Columbo is the primary and persistent obstacle.

So that's another concern about a Columbo movie reboot -- what if Hollywood concludes it must be an origin story? We don't need to see how Columbo became who he is. He's like Heath Ledger's Joker, a relentless antagonist (for the villain) who's defined by his surface persona, whose patter about his background and motivations is just a smokescreen, and whose true origins and history are fundamentally irrelevant to the narrative. Worse, what if they decide to give Columbo a first name??? Or show his romance with the future Mrs. Columbo?????? Blasphemy!!!

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