Jul 27 2014 2:37pm

First Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer Has Got Style

Mad Max Fury Road trailer

The first trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road is out and it’s like a twisted, apocalyptic remix video. And it’s gorgeous, too. Aggro car chases as sweeping destructive vistas. Creepy inhuman humans. Rhythmic metal on metal. Take a look below the cut.

Here’s everything we know so far about the movie.

2. MatthewB
There's a 'Spiky' VW beatle in there that looks like it's a tribute to The Cars That Ate Paris, another Australian car movie :)
Sean Tabor
3. wingracer
Is Hardy a cannibal or something? He's always wearing a muzzle.
4. Random22
Looks impressive. It could shake off the Mel-taint that has been making people wary of the series. Is it a prequel, sequel, or reboot does anyone know? I've heard all three.
Steve Taylor
5. teapot7
Love the "Cars that ate Paris" reference.

Mad Max 4 was going to be filmed near Broken Hill in Australia, but filming was moved to Namibia because Broken Hill got enough rain to make it all greeen and beautiful!
6. Roy Batty
Hmm, looks a bit overdone and glossy in places. What I liked about the original trilogy, particularly the first two films, was the gritty, low budget, almost guerilla filmmaking feel about them. I hope Miller didn't go overboard with the CG visuals.
7. Wes S.
So basically the new Mad Max movie is like the last twenty minutes of The Road Warrior, but turned up to eleven. With a tornado.

And they wrecked Max's Interceptor again? Geez, George Miller must hate that car like the producers of the Fast and Furious movies hate Vin Diesel's Charger...

Quibbles aside: Hardy makes a darned good Max, judging from the preview. Unlike most other reboots, I'm actually looking forward to this one. I just hope they don't screw it up.

(Captcha passwords: "isunks you." Which seems weirdly appropriate for a Mad Max movie, even if they are in the middle of a desert.)
Keith Yatsuhashi
8. Keith Yatsuhashi
This trailer blew me away. I loved the Road Warrior--Max 1&3 not so much. Maybe Miller's like Star Trek--every other one is good. I have to say, I'm looking forward to something that's not overtly super-hero based looking this good.
Sky Thibedeau
9. SkylarkThibedeau
Looks like a remake of the Road Warrior. Max was due for a reinterpretation
Tabitha Jensen
10. pabkins
Alright this is definitely a reboot I won't complain about. I was just harping last night at Himself as to why the heck is Hollywood making the same tired movies over and over again. Now perhaps I might have to eat my words. Some things deserve to be revisited!
11. puck
Looks like Cirque du Soleil Death Race.

I like the originals, I don't care if there's a reboot if it's awesome. Can I have a trailer with something about the character(s)/story and not just bombs with non-sensical (but awesome) visuals? Thaaaanks.
12. csb

This is probably as Foolhardy as the new Star Wars Movie attempt, doomed to be lesser than those films, it doesn't look right, it 'feels' like Sin City a bit, and I can't tell if it's a Prequel or some sort of Sequel... George Miller is doing it so I can't go there...

We'll see but the energy and substance that was those past movies is long gone...
13. Choppy Choppleby
I just wanted to hear Hardy's accent. If its not authentic Australian, the movie sinks for me.

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