Jul 13 2014 4:27pm

Watch the First Trailer for Doctor Who Season 8!

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who season 8 trailer

The first trailer for Doctor Who season 8 is here! (Oddly enough, released on a weekend during the World Cup final game. It’s like the BBC doesn’t want anyone to see it...) The new season, and Peter Capaldi’s new Doctor, debuts worldwide on Saturday, August 23rd.

P.S. - Given the recent script and video leaks of the new season, let’s keep the comments as spoiler-free as we can, folks! Let those who wish to see it all on August 23rd do so.

P.P.S. - Is that a British accent (an RP accent, thanks for the clarification Muswell) on the Scottish Capaldi?

Alison Hill
1. Muswell
Re the P.P.S. - You're aware that Scotland's in Britain, right?! A Scottish accent is a British accent.

If you're asking whether that's an RP accent, well... more or less. I heard a few quirks in there even with the litte he says. British actors with non-RP native accents generally learn how to do RP, since they can get more jobs that way. David Tennant did an RP(ish, it was a bit Estuary at times) accent as the Doctor. Patrick Stewart wasn't born speaking RSC English, though listening to him speak his native Yorkshire accent is a bit of a surreal experience.
Chris Lough
2. TorChris
Thanks, Muswell. We've corrected above.
Dave G
3. Dave G
That's not RP - that's 'Glasgow man who's lived in London for a long time', a.k.a. well-enunciated Scottish accent.
Paul Rando
4. SerDragonReborn
Capaldi looks excellent. Nobody give him a #%$@ing jelly baby. No, no !$#@ing bow ties either.
Dave G
6. vole
No, it's a Scottish accent. We don't all sound like Billy Connolly you know.
Marilynn Byerly
8. MByerly
According to the "TV Guide" site, this trailer was shown during the World Cup finale so it definitely wasn't ignored.
Dave G
9. AwesomeAud
Doctor Who: Into Darkness!

Dave G
11. Thorlan
Rush out this article did we?

1. The trailer was broadcast at half-time during the World Cup Final on BBC One. In the UK, that's the equivalent of super-bowl half-time. It *certainly* wasn't buried by the BBC.

2. It is a Scottish accent, without question. (Source: I'm a Scot.)
Ursula L
12. Ursula
Are those bookshelves lining the walls of the TARDIS console room?

Very, very cool!
Luis Milan
13. LuisMilan
(Oddly enough, released on a weekend during the World Cup final game. It’s like the BBC doesn’twant anyone to see it...)

Seriously, Stubby? I know your lack of legs precludes you from entering the World Cup (therefore saving everyone else the humiliation of losing to a one-rocket team), but at least 12 million BBC viewers were watching the final when the trailer was shown.
Dave G
14. sofrina
gonna miss that steampunk tardis...
David OBrien
15. claes
Ummm… Moffat, what happened to the 800 years or so in between the Day of the Doctor and Season 8? Did I miss something? He’s over 2000 years old now? Yes... I saw the winter of the Doctor and that only accounts for like 300 years.
Dave G
16. Terendel
Was that really the Doctor in a nightshirt on a horse? Or was I just hallucinating?

Really excited for the new season. Totally bummed that the first episode is coming out while I'm away camping, with no WiFi. :(
David OBrien
17. claes
It's not so much of a secret now that there is a leaked screener but yeah, that's the Doctor in a nightshirt. The era of Capaldi is upon us! (Oh, and thanks to some very well mannered Whovian's I discovered where I lost 800 or so years of his life.)
Kane Arthur
19. kanearthur
Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman will appear together for the first time in the U.S. when they arrive in New York.

Dave G
20. Zenogais176
I have really enjoyed all the Doctors since the new series began running; Hurt, Eccleston, Tennant, and Smith were all wonderful at bringing different aspects of who the Doctor is to a whole new generation of fans.

I CAN'T WAIT to see Capaldi in the role. It's such a cool dynamic; a Doctor with a brand new set of regenerations... its like he's starting life over again as an old man. Everyone always says that if they could do it all over again, __________ would be the things they'd change and do differently. Well now, we get to see the Doctor actually do it! What mistakes would he try to correct?! It boggles my mind!

I also like a little bit of the darker edge. Let's face it; where Smith's Doctor ended, he was the thin red line between his homeworld in exile and the entire universe. I'm still not exactly sure what happened to Gallifrey at the end of the Christmas special; are the Gallifreyens trapped in that alternate dimension of time and space? Did they come through when they gave the Doctor his new regenerations? I'm not quite sure, but it puts the Doctor in a really interesting spot! Whether he's trying to find them, defend them, or play intermediary, he's going to have to be in top form!

I heard at one point that Robert Carlyle was in the running for the role, and I always wanted to see him play the Doctor, (especially after seeing him be Rumplestilskin on Once). We've had some really young doctors for a while... it'll be great to see what an older actor who's really perfected his craft can do from ground zero with the role.

Overall, just excited, excited, excited!!! Let's get this show on the road!
David OBrien
21. claes
Whooa whoa whoa he has a WHOLE NEW SET of regenerations? I thought that all we saw revealed in The Winter of the Doctor (Season 7 Christmas special) was a single regeneration gift from the Time Lords, however I may have misunderstood. That changes everything. Very, very, interesting.

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